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Featured Member: Cassandra Pacquin


DINET member name:  Cassandra PacquinCassandraPacquin_BioPhoto.JPG.e141663635b9cdc6d7b335579df9c0b4.JPG
Cassandra's hometown: Cool Springs, NC
Diagnosis: EDS, Mast Cell, Congestive Heart Failure
email: juscass86@gmail.com
website:  Eagles Wings Studio  https://www.facebook.com/EaglesWingsStudioNC/

In Cassandra's words.....

Hello!!  My name is Cassandra and I'm an EDS Trifecta Zebra with Dysautonomia and Mast Cell as well as congestive heart CassandraPacquin_ArtLeaves.thumb.JPG.f0812909d635517f5fb33579f177a8a7.JPGfailure. I'm a chef/owner of our family artisan granola  bakery business. 

Over the past year I've had to refocus my energy and talents due to my limitations and have gone back to my original loves of mixed media inspirational art and writing. I love being able to put my education from UMass/Amherst in Fine Arts to good use again!!CassandraPacquin_ArtPink.thumb.JPG.88a8d38aef7fc2596fb6805b2b8c4386.JPG

My pieces are combined mixed texture and finish high-end papers, Austrian Crystals, silk and textured mat finish, and shadow boxes with glass fronts. Each is an original and crafted with love and inspiration. 

CassandraPacquin_ArtPurple.PNG.8202f10d1458aa9e6df509f3e3338902.PNGThe purple piece is one I recently sold, the one of the leaves is a work in progress that will be 2 6x6 matching pieces with Ecclesiastes 3:1 "To every season..." split between the two. It comprises 4 different colors of textured papers and Swarovski Austrian crystals in amber, and will be matted in a dark brown beveled mat finish and framed in matching black shadow boxes. The pink piece is currently available for sale on the Eagles Wings Studios FB page. 


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