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POTS Guide - Hydration and POTS



Hydration  and POTS syndrome

POTS is a syndrome associated with a multitude of symptoms, one of the most significant being a sudden elevation in heart rate when standing.  This symptom is usually associated with dizziness and even passing out.  The treatment of POTS syndrome is complex, however, a key strategy that works well for many people is increasing hydration and salt intake to prevent dehydration.  Increasing salt should only be done on a doctor's recommendation.

Even healthy people (people without POTS or any other forms of dysautonomia) show improved functionality when well hydrated.  The tilt table test, a hallmark test in the diagnosis of POTS, was given to 22 healthy people.  Half of them were given 16 oz. of water shortly before the test, the other half were not. The well-hydrated group was able to remain upright with less of a change to heart rate and circulation.  The hydrated group well tolerated the test for 36% longer than the less hydrated group.(Low 2000)

 More than water…..

There is plenty of documentation* about the importance of hydration and the amount of fluid required to help POTS symptoms.  But water alone may not be enough for some people.  It is generally recommended that a minimum of 2 to 3 liters per day be consumed, however, that much water alone can dilute the number of electrolytes in the body and become counterproductive. 

There are many electrolyte drinks on the market, but care needs to be taken to avoid some of the high sugar solutions and additives that can be found on the supermarket shelves.  That's why DINET partnered with Banana Bag Oral Solution in 2016.  Banana Bag provides the hydration recommended as well as many other wonderful supplements designed to help us "POTSies" feel a whole lot better!  Here is some great information from Brian Derry (Owner, Ph.D., Pharmacist) about their products and the amazing custom blend he created. 


“What makes the Banana Bag Oral Solution unique is the combination of both clinical hydration and clinical vitamin supplementation combined into a fast-acting soluble powder.  The effect is quite noticeable in most POTS patients.  Instead of only combating serious dehydration, you can actually gain a long lasting boost of energy from high dose B-vitamins. Something not found in today's go-to dehydration products.  It is also worth noting that because Banana Bag has no unnecessary sugars, sweeteners, colors, or additives of any sort, it is accepted rather easily in patients who have shown intolerances to common ingredients such as stevia, sucrose, dyes, etc...  So for those looking for relief in the way that only IV banana bags or plain IV fluids have previously brought, Banana Bag Oral Solution is the only solution out there that specifically aims to achieve that goal.  And it's really exciting to see how well Banana Bag has been working for Dysautonomia patients over the last year and a half. Some of the most recent testimonials have mentioned a decreased need for medication and even at trip to the hospital!   Amazing! “   Brian Derry, Owner, Banana Bag Oral Solutions

Banana Bag also offers DINET members a 10% discount on any subscription to their products for the life of the subscription.  This is a 10% savings on the already discounted subscription price.  Go to https://www.bananabagdrink.com/products/the-banana-bag-oral-solution & use promo code DYS10 to receive the additional 10% off at checkout.  What an incredibly generous way to support our membership and the work we do.  GREAT THANKS to BANANA BAG ORAL SOLUTIONS!


What people are saying: "love my daily Banana Bag!"  Dana Irwin, St Louis.  Check out this review and others by visiting https://www.bananabagdrink.com/products/the-banana-bag-oral-solution   Use promo code DYS10 to save an additional 10% off the already discounted subscription price.


Hydration and POTS syndrome.pdf

Low, P. A. (2000, July). Orthostatic intolerance.
National Dysautonomia Research Foundation Patient Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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