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Pure Autonomic Failure Links


Please keep in mind that recent clinical findings will not be included in earlier publications.

General Information 

Alternative Names: \Shy-Drager syndrome; Neurologic orthostatic hypotension; Shy-McGee-Drager syndrome; Parkinson plus syndrome; MSA-P; MSA-C

Vanderbilt University Autonomic Dysfunction Center:

A Review of the Classification, Diagnosis, and Management of Autonomic Dysfunction Syndromes Associated with Orthostatic Intolerance by Blair P. Grubb and Sergio do Carmo Jorge:

The Natural History of Pure Autonomic Failure: a U.S. Prospective Cohort, Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Low et al: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28093795

Identification of a Renin Threshold and Its Relationship to Salt Intake in a Patient With Pure Autonomic Failure by Henriette Hohenbleicher; Fabian Klosterman; Ulrike Schorr; Sepp Seyfert; Pontus B. Persson and Arya M. Sharma:

Orthostatic Tolerance, Cerebral Oxygenation, and Blood Velocity in Humans With Sympathetic Failure by Harms M. P., Colier W. N., Wieling W., Lenders J. W., Secher N. H., van Lieshout J. J.:


The Distribution of Lewy Bodies in Pure Autonomic Failure: Autopsy Findings and Review of the Literature by K. Hague, P. Lento, S. Morgello, S. Laro and H. Kaufmann:

Hypotension and/or Hypertension

Stress induced hypotension in pure autonomic failure by R D Thijs and J G van Dijk:

Orthostatic Hypotension by Bradley JG, Davis KA.

Autoregulation of Cerebral Blood Flow in Orthostatic Hypotension by Novak V., Novak P., Spies J. M., Low P. A.:

Neck and other muscle pains in autonomic failure: their association with orthostatic hypotension by K M Bleasdale-Barr and C J Mathias:

Cognitive functioning in orthostatic hypotension due to pure autonomic failure by Heims HC, Critchley HD, Martin NH, Jager HR, Mathias, CJ, Cipolotti L.:

The Hypertension of Autonomic Failure and it's Treatment, Dr. Bioganni, Dr. Rose Marie Roberson et all:


Sympathetically Mediated Hypertension in Autonomic Failure by John R. Shannon, Jens Jordan, Andre Diedrich, Bojan Pohar, Bonnie K. Black, David Robertson, Italo Biaggioni:

Vasopressin and Blood Pressure in Humans by Jens Jordan and Jens Tank:


Progression and prognosis in pure autonomic failure (PAF): comparison with multiple system atrophy by N Mabuchi, M Hirayama, Y Koike, H Watanabe, H Ito, R Kobayashi, K Hamada and G Sobue:


A Sound Night's Rest may do no good in Autonomic Failure! by Christopher J. Mathias:


Hormonal and cardiovascular reflex assessment in a female patient with pure autonomic failure by Lopes HF, Consolim-Colombo FM, Hachul D, Carvalho ME, Pileggi F, Silva HB:


The Pressor Response to Water Drinking in Humans by Jens Jordan, John R. Shannon, Bonnie K. Black, Yasmine Ali, Mary Farley; Fernando Costa, Andre Diedrich, Rose Marie Robertson, Italo Biaggioni and
David Robertson:

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