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Meet DINET Social Media Coordinator: Lauren Mlack


Meet the woman behind the Survey Sunday feature on DINET's Facebook page.  Lauren also is one of the volunteers posting articles about living with dysautonomia and chronic illness.  Meet one of DINET's most valued volunteers.

LaurenMlack_bioPhoto.thumb.jpg.ff4aa0a0902efd319a03a6814d44f352.jpgLauren lives in Cleveland, OH with her wonderful parents and Goldendoodle, Riley.  She loves cooking, baking, crafting and making metal jewelry in her spare time. When she was little, she was always having health issues that would come and go randomly and cause lots of fatigue.  Her mom kept pushing for an answer after going to countless specialists. Finally, when she was 12, she had a tilt table test which diagnosed her with POTS. After having to leave public school and switch to online schooling due to her health, she was finally feeling well enough almost a decade later to attend a local community college.  Lauren recently was able to achieve an Associate’s degree in graphic design. She is very excited that she can use her skills to help a great cause like DINET.

Editor's Note:  Over the next few months, Lauren will be preparing a new video feature for DINET's Youtube channel.  The feature will focus on a great variety of subjects.  If you have a topic that you would love to hear more about or would like to see DINET cover, email: webmaster@dinet.org

Above:  Lauren and her Goldendoodle, Riley

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