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DINET Welcomes Partnerships


DINET is excited to announce partnerships with three companies - Banana Bag Solutions, The Mighty and All of Us research.  All three companies are dedicated to education and patient support for people living with dysautonomia and chronic illness.  

Banana Bag Oral SolutionsBanana Bag Oral Solutions produces a solution that delivers essential electrolytes and vitamins in a convenient powder blend that is dissolved in water.  Banana Bag recently was a part of a two day conference at Choc Hospital in California called Connecting the Dots between: EDS, POTS, Chronic Pain and Mast Cell Activation Disorder. This is just one of the ways Banana Bag is working to make an impact on the Dysautonomia community. Words from Brian Derry, the owner of Banana Bag Solutions:


“I would first like to say how exciting this is to receive such wonderful feedback from Dysautonomia patients on how the Banana Bag Oral Solution has helped improve their quality of life.  Comments such as ‘saved me from going to the ER’ or ‘you have given me a part of my life back’ have made me feel like the Pharmacist I’ve always wanted to be...one that truly makes an impact of people’s lives by simple knowledge of what works and what does not….With a strong B-Vitamin complex added to this formula, the Banana Bag Oral Solution also stimulates the body’s natural sources of energy.  This combination of electrolytes and vitamins has really made a positive impact on some people’s daily activities.”

All of Us Research Program - a part of the National Institute of Health   The All of Us Research Program is designed to create a diverse database of research and information to inform thousands of studies related to thousands of diseases and disorders and conditions affecting all people.  This type of program gives researchers the opportunity to look at how treatments affect people from all different types of backgrounds and health conditions.  It brings research around to the individual instead of the masses.  The NIH calls this approach Precision Medicine because it focuses the researcher, the scientist, and the healthcare provider on the individual, precisely.  For rare disorders like dysautonomia, it offers physicians a chance to apply data that is much more specific to their patient's needs rather than a general consensus.  https://allofus.nih.gov/about/all-us-research-program-overview


The Mighty is an online community for people living with chronic illness. But rather than focus on the medical aspects of disability and illness, The Mighty strives to fend off the isolation that comes with illness by forming a safe community for people to share their stories. From their site:  “real stories by real people facing real challenges”   The Mighty has created a safe platform for people living with chronic illness and disability to connect, share their stories and to raise support for the causes they believe in.

DINET is just one of over 200 nonprofit allies that The Mighty has partnered with to help deliver their excellent resources to the communities they serve.  From the words of Mike Porath, Founder of The Mighty about their overall goals:


“Stories that inspire people - that can change the path of someone’s day, as my wife says - are a great start, but we are going after much more.  Ultimately we want to improve the lives of people facing disease, disorder and disability.  This is not a small ambition.  It requires a unique business model and strong relationships with nonprofits, advertisers, media companies, researchers, educators, advocates and most importantly, people like you. Without a community of people who care and share, we have nothing.”

In the coming months, DINET will be working hand in hand with all of their sponsors to extend awareness and education throughout the medical community and to help bring POTS & dysautonomia patients the resources & support needed to live life with chronic illness.

To learn more about our sponsors -

Banana Bag Oral Solutions - Exclusive coupon for DINET members - save on an electrolyte mix.  Go to www.bananabagdrink.com and enter the Promo Code DINET25 for a special savings of 25% off.  Throughout October, BananaBag will donate all profits from sales using this code to DINET in honor of Dysautonomia Awareness and DINET's work.

The Mighty - Visit The Mighty’s home page at https://themighty.com   For stories about dysautonomia - https://themighty.com/?s=dysautonomia   For stories about POTS - https://themighty.com/?s=POTS

All of Us - NIH Research Program - Visit the All of Us site to learn more about this innovative research effort. https://allofus.nih.gov/about/all-us-research-program-overview


Banana Bag Oral Solutions photos from the Choc Hospital, CA  "Connecting the dots between: EDS, POTS, Chronic Pain and Mast Cell Activation Disorder"






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