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Found 1 result

  1. Hello & Welcome to DINET! We hope that you find the site and forum to be a source of both information and support. Please familiarize yourself with the forum rules: http://forums.dinet....earch_in=forums. Before posting a new question/topic it may be helpful to first do a search to familiarize yourself with previous discussions. Adding a Signature: You may notice that many members have "signatures" with diagnoses, treatments, and other short items. This is NOT required but if you would like to add a signature to your post the feature can be found under your settings. To get to your settings, click on your screen name at the top right corner, and a menu will drop down. Click on "My Settings." Once you are in your settings control panel click on "Signature" in the left hand menu. Here you may add, edit, or remove your forum signature. Blocking Signatures: If you do not wish to view other members' signatures, you do have the option of making them invisible through changing your settings. To get to your settings, click on your screen name at the top right corner, and a menu will drop down. Click on "My Settings." Next click on 'Ignore' Preferences in the left hand menu. Check the box that says, "Ignore all signatures when reading topics," and then click "Save Changes." Blocking Posts from Certain Members: If you do not wish to read the posts of a certain member, you do have the option of making that person's posts invisible to you. To get to your settings, click on your screen name at the top right corner, and a menu will drop down. Click on "My Settings." Next click on 'Ignore' Preferences in the left hand menu. Type the name of any member that you wish to block, and then choose if you want to block their signature, posts, and/or personal messages. Click "Save Changes." When you add a user to your ignore list, any posts they make will be masked until you specify that you wish to read them. Adding a Photo: You may also notice that many members have a picture with their profile. If you have a picture of your own that you would like to use, you may upload it to the forum through your Settings. To get to your settings, click on your screen name at the top right corner, and a menu will drop down. Click on "My Settings." You will then be in your general account settings. Click on the gray button that says, "Change your photo..." You may upload a photo that is less than 100 KB. If you have a Gravatar, you may link to this for your profile photo. Changing Your User Name We recommend that members not use their full name, first initial and last name or e-mail address as a user name to protect their privacy. You may change your user name one time in "My Settings". If you find a need to change your user name a second time please contact us for help. How/Why We Edit Posts: Often when posts are edited it is to remove a quote because someone has accidentally quoted the previous poster's text. There is no reason for us to notify members of simple edits such as these. We have been told that some members assumed we were editing their writing when this type of situation occurred and are sorry for any confusion. When you see the "this post has been edited by" line at the bottom of a member's post please do not automatically assume the member has done something wrong, as that is often not the case. Although rare, we do have to edit/delete some posts, and it is not a job we enjoy. Members are usually notified when a post is edited or removed, however this is not always the case if we've had to repeatedly refer the member back to the forum rules, as we know the member knows the rules but refuses to abide by them. If you have a question about a post you previously saw that may have been deleted please contact one of the administrators or moderators rather than posting an inquiry on the forum itself. Also, if there is a post that we may not have gotten to yet, but appears to be out of line with the forum rules (i.e. is profane, is political, is a sales pitch, etc.), you may use the "report post" button. This will generate an automated message to moderators and administrators, allowing the first one of us to log on to see the potential issue and address it quickly. This doesn't guarantee that the post will be edited or removed but does alert the forum volunteers to a *potential* issue. Closing Thoughts: All the people moderating and administrating the DINET forum are volunteers, working for the love of helping others without pay, and have dysautonomia just like you. While it would be great to be able to reply to each member's posts personally, please understand that it's not humanly possible to do so. The moderators and administrators reply under areas in which they feel they may have useful information to add based on their personal medical and life history, and/or when there may be a need for direct moderation of a discussion. Please do not feel left out if a DINET volunteer does not post a personal reply to you--we know you are here, we collectively read every post, and we appreciate having you as a member, adding your experiences and input to our diverse group. Direct Links to Additional Helpful Info: Main DINET Site - the links along the left side have info regarding diagnoses, symptoms, treatments, physicians, and MUCH more http://www.dinet.org/ Frequently Asked Questions and Common Abbreviations Used on the Forum http://forums.dinet....elf-to-answers/ If you have questions about any of the above feel free to contact us via PM or at dinetforums@gmail.com Thank you, Katherine, Corina and Sarah (DINET's Moderating Team)
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