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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Everyone, I wanted to give an update on my migraines. I posted last fall about my struggle with daily migraines (http://forums.dinet.org/index.php?/topic/24440-migraines/). Although I do still struggle with them, I have started a couple of medications that have provided some relief. I am taking amitriptyline again. I had wanted to avoid it for as long as possible because it interferes with my sleep, but when the migraines never would go away, I knew I had to start a preventative med again. The amitriptyline is helping. It doesn't completely take the migraines away, but it lessens them. I still always have a little bit of sensory overload, and if I push myself too hard, then the migraines get worse. Sometimes even with pacing myself I still get migraines. But it's not a bad migraine every day like it used to be. My doctor also started me on a new medication for migraines to use as needed. It is called Frova, and she said it is especially helpful in females who get migraines. I have tried it a few times, and it is very helpful! It prevents the migraine from getting any worse. A big help! Before starting amitriptyline I asked my doctor about checking my serum serotonin level. Looneymom told me that when her son had daily headaches and when they tested his serum serotonin, it was 0! I had never had my serotonin level checked, so I was curious what it might be and if I could have a low level that was causing headaches. My doctor ordered the test, and I had it checked before I ever started amitriptyline. My level was 310. The normal range, according to my lab, is 56-244. I was quite surprised to see it high since my blood work is usually right smack in the middle of the normal range. Does anyone know what might cause a slightly elevated serotonin level? My doctor wasn't sure what to think, but she joked with me that I must be really happy! It isn't high enough to be concerned about something like carcinoid syndrome. We will be checking my serotonin level again next month to make sure it isn't continuing to climb. I was a little nervous about taking the amitriptyline since my serotonin is already elevated, but the doctors think it will be okay. And it does help to lessen my migraines, which is very important right now. If you have any thoughts on elevated serotonin and dysautonomia, I'd like to hear them. Thanks! Rachel
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