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Found 3 results

  1. Does anybody know if its possible to get angiotensin II agonist autoantibody testing? Since my dys started in pregnancy and at the time i was labelled with atypical preeclampsia, i started doing research on preeclampsia. It turns out an angiotensin II agonist autoantibody is responsible for preeclampsia. Ive thought for a while now that i seemed symptomatically, to fit into the high angiotensin, low aldosterone group so i was quite alarmed when i saw that angiotensin II was involved in preeclampsia.
  2. I am 24 and have had POTS for about 4 years now. I am stating to think about long term life. I'm not sure if I can even have children (I have endometriosis) but I want to hear if anyone has decided to try to have kids after getting sick. I know some of you have had second and third children after being sick, but I really want to hear if anyone decided to have the first child sick. I would love to hear about your experience. I'm trying to gather information. I also want to know How do you raise young children when you are sick and symptomatic? Please share anything and everything!
  3. Well I finally have a laptop again so can read & participate in this forum, have been out of the loop for a long time. Was in hospital for 9 months of 2011 dealing with pregnancy setting off my POTS in the extreme. Then I developed multiple DVTs/blood clots from a PICC line in my arm, a dozen pulmonary embolisms, and a clot in my heart. Sooooo....they had me basically on bed rest for 9 months. Only walking I did was a step or two to get to the bedside commode. My POTS was so bad that I was passing out constantly during the 2nd trimester, and my heart rate would go from 75 to 160 upon standing, and I had vasovagal events for the first time (very scary!). Anyways, I made it through induction and birth somehow (it was horrible and terrifying) and the baby is gorgeous and healthy (thank God!), but I am completely deconditioned from these idiot doctors making me stay in bed after I told them I needed to keep moving as much as possible. PT wouldn't even work with me due to the liability of a pregnant lady on blood thinners falling. I have been doing home PT in small amounts for the last 10 weeks since having the baby. It took me 3 weeks just to recover from birth, but I'm able to walk a bit and get around in a reclining wheelchair most of the time. I take care of the baby (my 3 year old goes to daycare/preschool) while my husband is at work and am now alone during the day. Its rough. If I accidentally overdo activity, I pay for it big time and can't move/crash. I'm getting very lonely and impatient because my POTS was not too bad before this situation. I can't get out of our building due to stairs (last time we tried my BP was 68/58 and I was barely conscious), so I'm stuck at home until I can conquer the stairs. If anyone has suggestions for reconditioning I'd appreciate it. Its just nice to be back on here reading and not feeling quite so alone with this terrible disease. Claire
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