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Found 1 result

  1. Does anyone have Medicare, live in a small town, and receive IV fluids in-home? If so, I need some help! When I lived in Louisville, Kentucky, I used to get IV fluids in my home 3 times a week. I have Medicare for insurance, and the billing/payment from Medicare was never a problem. They paid for the in-home health care, IV fluids, and all of the supplies 100%. It was so helpful to have the IVs in my home when I needed them and not have to use precious energy to go out to an infusion center or ER. Now that we're in a small town, I have not been able to get in-home IV fluids. Everyone tells me that Medicare doesn't pay for them. I called my old home health agency in Kentucky to make sure that the Medicare rules hadn't changed in the past year. They said that as long as the billing comes from an agency that is contracted as "home health" that Medicare will pay for the IV fluids and supplies. In Louisville my home health agency was a big one. They had their own nurses, IV nurses, pharmacy, etc. So maybe that is the difference? The home health agency bought the IV fluids and supplies from the pharmacy, and then they billed Medicare for them. It all worked out so perfectly. I had to go to the ER twice last weekend for IV fluids. I'm glad that I have that option, but it is physically exhausting to go out when I'm doing that poorly. Plus, it costs twice as much to get the fluids in the ER! Does anyone know if there is a way to make this work with a small home health agency? Does anyone have experience with Medicare and in-home IV fluids in a small town? I'd appreciate any helpful tips if you've been through this experience and know a way around it.
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