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Found 1 result

  1. My MIL recently passed away & I've had the opportunity to spend some quality time with my husband's family members. I had always heard that one of my husband's first cousin's had a daughter, who is consistently described as "sickly." Well, she has almost identical symptoms and a diagnosis as my son. (They are 2nd cousins.) This sweet young lady has EDS, NMH, GI motility issues, and possibly MCAD. What are the chances??? I had always suspected that my husband had some of our stuff. He has VERY loose joints and has had several subluxatuions/dislocations. He does faint at the site of blood or even when anyone uses medical jargon that he considers gory - this is a common symptom of NMH. He was very fatigued as a teen and young adult. Between faints or dislocations (VERY few and far between) he is perfectly fine, extraordinarily healthy whereas day-to-day my son and I struggle. Keep in mind that MANY of my family members are also affected. So, poor Mack (my son) definitely gets it from both sides, which may explain the severity of his symptoms. I did NOT marry a family member What's the deal- are we attracted at a cellular level to people like ourselves? Bizarre.
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