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Found 6 results

  1. Since more people are getting into exercise I think it'd be awesome to talk about what helps us get through exercise I definitely think music helps. Some of my favorites: "one more" by Superchick, anything by Superchick "stronger" by Mandisa "a little bit stronger" by Sara Evans "stuck like glue" by sugarland "moves like Jagger" by maroon 5 "set fire to the rain" by Adele "rolling the deep" by Adele What are some of your favorites?
  2. So, I've tried this twice with the exact same results each time because I don't feel like my response to exercise makes sense. While at the park (which has hiking trails through the woods) I can run for 1/4 mile on the flat portion of the trail with no ill effects. I'm not out of breathe, my heart rate only increases 5-7 bpm, I don't sweat, no feeling dizzy, etc. I do feel the effect when I stop from blood pooling and can feel the blood return to my legs which is not surprising. I can't go too much further than this at a run because of my joint pain and swelling. BUT, to get off of the trail, I have to climb a hill that is pretty steep (I would estimate a 50-60 degree incline) and the duration of the climb is probably about 150 ft. from the beginning of any incline to the top of the hill (100 ft of which is at the steep incline). I do this at a walk and am a hot mess when I get to the top. Out of breathe with serious chest pressure, heart racing, blood thumping in my ears, sweating, dizzy, drunken feeling...the whole nine yards POTS usually has to offer. I don't get it!? I also have a bad time with steps. What is it about going uphill that is such a problem and so different from other exercise for me? I can do strength training exercises at home as long as they are at one "level"...you know, if I start the exercise lying down, I need to stay that way like leg lifts are ok but standing and doing lunges is not. The change in orthostatics is not ok. But going uphill isn't an orthostatic change. Any ideas on what causes this?
  3. Hey guys for those that have had significant success with exercise did they: 1. exercise constantly until they started feeling better? 2. find that they felt better exercising with their arms moving around than just with their legs? 3. try to exercise below a certain heart rate level, and if that rate was exceeded did they feel worse the next day? 4. exercise lying down only? 5. found themselves better after building muscle on their arms? 6 found they felt better after they exercised using or built muscle on their thigh (bike riding as an example) or upper arms? 7. Did you push through any crashes or rest through them? Thanks.
  4. Hey folks! I found a very good 5 minute strength training workout last night. I tried it this morning and it was really good. All the exercises have modifications and each individual exercise does not have orthostatic changes. Very low impact for those that have joint probs. Probably won't work for those that pass out quickly, but, for those that can manage to be upright for a while, it might be a good alternative. It was one of the workouts featured on Dr. Oz. Here's the link: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/reshape-your-body-5-minutes
  5. Do you feel better immediately after?? For me, I have to rest. I feel like I'm about to drop. My muscles feel soo weak. But an hour or two after doing nothing I feel somewhat better for exercising but if I push too hard I feel worse for the rest of the day. Does anyone else have that problem, I've been doing this for 3 months & still feel this deep muscle weakness & pain?
  6. Is there anyone that has gotten better after swimming three times a week for two to three months? Just going to swim regularly seems like it would be exhausting. Does it make you dizzy? Thanks, Mary
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