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Found 1 result

  1. Have just had another overnight stay in hospital - chest pain, tachycardia, bradycardia, feeling very unwell, shaking, v cold. First doctor so glib and rude but when pressed had never heard of hyperpots. He also told me wearing a heart monitor was bad idea as was probably causing anxiety. Second doc - cardio - very unfriendly but said my chest pain does not fit with micro vascular angina as it still is present when i lie down. it is brought on by exertion and goes into neck and arm and have sharp pains in the chest. But when it is bad it is still there when resting. This has gone on all week. always worse when exerting myself. Sharp pain followed by high rise. He also said it did not fit into cardiac pain as ecg, vital etc all were normal and so it was not cardiac, I held my ground with both doctors and said it was about time that they stopped saying there was nothing wrong because i did not fit into their boxes and listen to what are very real symptoms seriously affecting my life and it was about time they helped find solutions. However i want to know what others would say are "typical" pots chest pains and if anyone else gets arm pain, sharp chest pain that can last for long periods, is always better lying down but does not necessarily go away. And the sharp pain can briefly increase the HR. This is on top of sudden jumps for a few seconds to over 200 and adrenal surges ( which are the worse) Any help appreciated - i felt at a loss to answer his claims.
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