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Found 1 result

  1. I finally went to do all my labs today for my new endocrinologist. I think the techs that "tended" to me said it was 20 tubes. It took an hour for the lady to get my labs into the computer and ready for the techs. I requested a place to lie down while drawing, and I'm glad I got to. It was such a commotion getting all the tubes, orders, etc. correct, the MD pathologist that runs the big lab asked to see the orders. He then came to shake my hand and say I would be well taken care of, and asked if I needed anything. I said water for after the "letting" would be good. He went and got it himself!! I should have asked for a pint of blood to go into the other arm. I had told them beforehand that I am lightheaded on a daily basis, so was a little uncomfortable giving so much blood. In the long run, it's really not that much blood, but for us, it can make a world of difference. Now, I am a few hours out from it. I don't feel like fainting, but I feel like some of my "thought process" drained into those tubes. My brain lost some of its "get up and go". I took an iron pill, ate some beef for lunch, and am planning on a steak for supper. I hope something shows up in these labs....
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