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  1. My "baby", ok my daughter of 5 years old is starting to loose her first baby tooth. E-gads! My husband and I actually stayed up late last night wondering how this could happen? I am never ready for milestones when they happen. lol
  2. Your kids think it is normal to add salt to your morning glass of orange juice. lol
  3. Thank you! Yes, I do worry about how my daughter understands things. I dont want her to be scared about it. I try to find the light side of things..saying I am a weeble wobble, making a game of running to the couch and hugging it cause we are so glad to see it. etc. But making fun of it when my symptoms are "partially hidable" and dealing with it in front of her when I have to totally cow to it... is different. Kitsakatsa, It sounds like your mother is a wonderful, strong person! May we all have such grace. Yes, I was so enjoying the extra energy I had after I reduced my hours.. It was like I suddenly had the energy to be a real mom, wife etc. Now I feel like I am forever robbing peter to pay paul in the energy department. Thanks for letting me vent. It helps!
  4. Back in september my boss let me go to part time... actually 37 hours/week but then I lost all my paid time off. Well as of November 1st, we were in pretty dire straights financially so I went back to full time and I am no longer enjoying feeling good. Yesterday I took my daughter to the local pottery shop so she could paint up some holiday presents, then we came home and got a shower, then while she typed/played on the computer I mopped the floor in the bathroom and got that "uh, oh" feeling. So I laid down and felt horribly nauseous. By dinner time I just choked down my dinner and asked my husband to do bed time. My daughter has had a cold and started throwing up after she went to bed, and as my husband was at the other end of the house I was the one who got up to help her. I did manage to get her to the bathroom before everything went dark. I laid down by my own power and then went out briefly. Then my 5 year old was standing next to me asking me "mommy, does it hurt?" "Mommy does it feel really bad?" Talk about a mothers desire to force oneself back to normal-ness. My husband did the clean up after announcing "Just tell her to stop throwing up." Yea, like that works... I crawled back to my bed and tucked her in and we talked about it for a while and then she went back to her own bed. At 1 am she was back in my bed cause she "wanted to take care of me". I let her stay for a while but unfortunately after I black out I get a nasty headache and sometimes stabbing chest pains and other pains everywhere else... So she was not going to be able to sleep well in my bed. This morning she kept holding on to me. I asked her why and she said "well mommy if you fall backwards, I will push you forwards." lol So we had another talk. I hate feeling this way.
  5. How my neck and head is positioned can definately trick me out. Plus I think with salons, you are sitting with your feet down for sometimes quite a long time... That causes pooling in me. So yea, it makes perfect sense.
  6. 1. You fall onto furniture... Not cause you are sloppy, but cause you are SO happy to see it! 2. You can mystify any doctor regarless of where they got their degree or what their GPA was. 3. A doctor tells you the best thing you can do when you feel bad is go thru a fast food joint and get french fries! 4. Your motto is "A pickle a day keeps the doctor away" 5. You hate gravity and would consider another, lighter planet. 6. You can walk for a surprising distance with one hand on the wall cause you are blind and getting ready to pass out! (-;
  7. I tried paxil and zoloft and both made me horribly sick. I took both about a week and then quit. It magnified my symptoms and added some extra ones. A beta blocker in a low dose seems to do good for me.
  8. Thanks. The heart stuff lasted that whole night and part of the next day and then thankfully went away. I was very happy about that. I had gone off my inderal a long while before just cause taking meds makes me nervous. I have since gone back on. The symptoms far outweigh the medicine I think. lol I had an echo in april of this year and it came up clean, so to speak. So I dont think I have MVP.
  9. Sometimes I get heart flutters/skips and they come in small batches that last maybe 30 min or so. but when i went to bed last night at 9pm they started. At 11 I took a beta blocker (indural) and then around midnight they went to a dull roar and I was able to get some sleep. got up at 4am to go to the bathroom and it all got darker, lol. Then they kept me awake till it was time to get my daughter off to kindergarten and go to work. I know it is probably fine but I HATE NEW STUFF. If I laid on my left side they were bad, if I laid on my right they were mildly better, unless I sort of compressed my chest. So I had to sleep with a pillow sideways in front of me to keep that top arm up. Sleeping on my tummy was as bad as sleeping on my left side. Sleeping on my back was better but then I could not sleep cause I was not comfortable. Darned if ya do and Darned if ya dont. Yesterday was very stressful (tried to sell a computer over ebay and they guy who bid was a fraud and so I had to go around calling companies and changing passwords). So I am sure it was the stress that tricked me out. But it is worrying... Hugs?
  10. I found this site when I was searching for new checks for myself. I like to get recycled checks or checks that fund different groups and then I thought it would be neat if there were checks to fund dysautonomia research... http://www.messageproducts.com/home.aspx Is a site that does that. You can sign your non profit up and then people can buy checks and some money goes to the non profit. Plus it would raise awareness as the checks circulate.
  11. How wonderful to be so near the kotel! (i am jelous. (-; ) My prayers are with everyone there.
  12. Ariella, Thank G-d they caught the guy w. the bomb. Were you able to make it to the Western Wall?
  13. I have friends in Tsfat (sefed) and Haifa. They have had ketusha rockets from hezbolla land in their yard, in one case. They have evacuated south. All are ok for now.
  14. this is just another "ME TOO" about bruising. I have done this my whole life. If I rest my leg off the edge of the bed it will cause a bruise where the side of the bed is. I bruise constantly, they dont hurt and I have no idea how I get them. NO one has ever explained why to me either.
  15. I can safely say 2 Larges, possibly more but I will let ya know. Any chance of being able to get them long sleeve??
  16. ok. Well everyone is home now. (-;
  17. Hello all, Well we had a good visit. It was only super hot one day and of course we were outside in it...yuck. Anyway I found some grass and a shady tree and parked myself. Lol My husband seems to be doing better. We got him the bb's but he wanted to not take them unless he started to have a bad day. argh. Anyway he seems to be doing better and we had a wonderful time. Glad to be home in my own bed though!
  18. Thank you! and the trip went good. My husband appears to be doing much better. thank G-d.
  19. Yep all those things I would not want to do in front of my 5 year old...you know like eating cheerios in front of the tv, over the carpet....for lunch.. lol Yea, the heat is ucky...I grew up in kansas city and hated it. If I was not in a pool then I was inside or better yet visiting relatives on the west coast. lol How do you file a complaint??
  20. Thanks for all the replies!! It makes me feel much better to have all of you as friends! To the question about the medical care. Yes we live in a very small town area I keep researching stuff on my husband but cant find a disorder which causes heart irregularities from all parts of the heart. I know that there were irregularities from all parts at different times but none of it was "consistant". Ie; it was not always one thing acting up. I think what I saw on his monitor was atrial fib too, but I think that is just one of the things acting up...
  21. oh how sweet!! Happy Birthday!
  22. Thanks and now if only I could figure out what to do with me. lol I am not used to nothing to do...lol very strange... (-;
  23. Hey, Well all is ok so far. They left thu and I talked with them friday. He was nauseated and lots of irregular beats still but ok. Then I talked with him last night 06/06 and the stomach symptoms had abated and no big problems with irregular heart beats either. His heart was resting at 100-110 which we all know, from personal experience, is the pits. He had tingly fingers etc. The heat was also affecting him. You know there is a part of me that wonders if he is dysautonomic?? But I dont get tons of irregular beats and he can stand fine (for much longer than me for sure.) so maybe he has developed it secondary? or maybe a heart problem is mimicing it? I dont know but sometimes when he talks I do wonder. I spoke with him this morning too. They are at yellowstone. Apparently the only good cell phone service area is at old faithful, so they called me just after it went off. They are there till Friday morning and then he will decide if they are coming home or heading on to the black hills etc. It will depend on how he is feeling. My daughter is loving it. She has gone in a cave at craters of the moon; slept in a covered wagon near Ontario, oregon; Panned for gold; seen blue dirt near John Day, Oregon; Searched for fossils; Got in a buffalo traffic jam in Yellowstone; rode on a steam train; and more I cant remember. He has not had another really bad day since the one two weeks ago or so, so that makes me feel better. Meanwhile I have been painting pottery, cleaning and attempting to get the lawn mower started...Which I cant do. (Gas mowers are the pits!). Besides once I got it started I doubt I could do much, but anyway... lol
  24. Thank you all! We have only the one local hospital (no cardiologists...just family docs and internal med docs and a podietrist and some surgens...that sort of thing. There is one anestesiologist). A two hour drive has you in Eugene and that is better and then four hours has you in portland and that is ok medical care. I think if something does happen to my husband I will move my daughter and I back to portland...better medical care (had Kaiser there and loved it). Plus there is family & friends there and I will need that. I should hear from hubby and kiddo tonight.... then maybe I will start to relax? lol Yea, we thought they would admit him too!! I would have felt better about it..having him admitted and tests run and then told it is ok, rather than practically nothing done, shoulders shrugged and a sedative offered. I cleaned my daughters room last night...Messy rooms are something I can do something about!
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