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  1. I have not tried wheatgrass juice. I excersize in the evening around 7pm but BEFORE i get my shower. I am bed ridden after a shower...
  2. Yes, I have huge student loans too. But since I make like 27k and owe 40k I get an automatic deferrment. I cant even begin to pay those... Something to help would be so wonderful.. Even like a pay augmentation to allow us to work 30 hours instead of 40 and then something to protect our benefits. I had to cut down last fall to 35 hours and it made a WORLD of difference but my employer took away all my holiday, sick and vacation pay for it.. )-; Between that and the salary decrease (I am paid hourly) I had to increase back to 40 and then passed out 4 times in the first week of being back to 40 hours.. I feel like I am trapped.. And now being pregnant it is just making me feel worse.. I never really feel better when pregnant like some do... It just stresses my system more..
  3. Does anyone know if there is any help (SSI or whatever) for folks who are working but barely hanging on?? I feel like I keep my job out of some kind of grace. I frequently feel awful and some days/months are a wash... It is so frustrating cause with my income (family of 4 on one income) we don't qualify for welfare, but if I bail then we are in no mans land... And sometimes I can work and be ok, but lots of times it is just a struggle to get thru. It seems unfair somehow... So does anyone know of any options?
  4. When your husband, after 10 years of marriage, says: "honey, you are completely incompasitated by showers, ya know?" Yep...
  5. Yes, I get a similar thing sometimes and it can last many hours. I don't specifically know what it is but laying down in a dark room and hoepfully sleeping is all I know to combat it. Could very well be adrenaline now that I think on it. I too get lights and sort of freeze up... Like I can move if I really put everything I have into it...but it takes literally everything I have... Heart racing, chills/heat waves, nausea.. I find that usually it starts in the AM with a heart rate that just wont come down from 110 or 120 while sitting with my feet up. If I don't immediately go home and pamper then I will be in for it till late into the night.
  6. I can never tell till either my husband or daughter catch the bug... Then I know it is a bug... But that can be days later, sometimes...
  7. Yea, I get it when I am having a bad time of it... Don't know why though. But changing positions helps.
  8. The site will set a cookie when you log in. So the next time it will remember. If you dump temp files it will clear those out and then you will find you have to login again.
  9. ok first for the good news. I am pregnant! Baby is due in early november. Now for the question. When I faint I always get down to at least my hands and knees before I go out and frequently I get all the way down and then pass out.. So I don't worry about the falling part of fainting. But, can the HR crazyiness, all the other symptoms and fainting hurt the baby?? I passed out often enough when I was pregnant with our daughter and she seems fine, but I always wonder, so I take extra steps to not push myself past what I know is a safe point when pregnant. I know it will still happen anyway though... And since laying down does not stop or mitigate the faint when I am prego... It is extra yucky. Anyone know?
  10. ok, I was asleep at the flippers too. lol We have gone back and forth on this for our 5 year old. We have another baby due in november so I think we will send her to first grade and then home school. I have a bunch of links on my blog site for homeschooling resources. http://purposefullygrounded.blogspot.com/ Right now I do 45 minutes before kindergarten starts (reading out of the McGuffy readers, a word math problem, a page of hebrew, spelling list and some sight reading words.) Then in the afternoon my husband does an hour of reading and writing and alphabetization with her while I am at work. She is already way ahead. She likes it because we can dwell on the things she wants to dwell on. She frequently will ask me to go over a spelling list or re-read a primer lesson so she can get it right. (-;
  11. Yes, I know exactly what you describe. I started passing out when I was little and still manage it several times a year. It is awful.
  12. yea, he was doing very poorly but it seems to have mitigated. He still has days when his heart is bad, but nothing like it was last spring. Yea, the riding lessons last an hour and sometimes there is a chair around... (I like those days, lol)
  13. I just wanted to say Hi. I have been doing fairly good actually. (A nice change! lol) My latest challenge is my daughters horse back riding lessons...Nothing to do but stand there for an hour half the time... That has been a bit interesting. (not) Hope you are all doing ok!
  14. I get this too when I am having a bad or quazi bad day... It is very annoying. I usually just snuggle for a bit until I have been sitting for 5-10 minutes and then I can get thru it without feeling like I am huffing and puffing.. It is weird.
  15. oh that is a bit much. I went to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postural_orth...#External_links and added my sites link in there. Maybe if they see there are lots of people with this it will help? dunno...
  16. Thanks. She seemed fine this morning and I put her little phone number bracelet on and then she seemed happy. I also talked with her principal and teacher. I think there may be a few things. 1) I dont think she goes to the bathroom at school... (good point!) 2) the novelty has worn off 3) she saw me pass out recently... I have always managed to get out of the room before but could not this time.. It was about 2 weeks ago and I did at that point explain how I felt to her cause she was really worried. So some of what she is saying could be that. 4) EVERYONE is sick at school... it seems like it is a neverending line of coughs, fevers and sniffles... I have been loading her up with vitamines but it just kind of keeps it at a dull roar. The principal felt it was a case of "daddy-itis" aka wanting to be home with daddy... (-; She has the next two weeks off so if it is POTS the symptoms will be less stressful for her but still there. She does run around all the time at home and I have never seen any hint of it. In fact her dad took her camping to some really hot places this summer and she was bouncy as ever... (I would have been in a coma. lol) BTW I really appreciate you guys. It is like our safe place to vent and worry and discuss things. It does help!
  17. My daughter is 5 and in kindergarten. She recently has decided she does not feel good at school. She says her head hurts and she starts coughing. She asked to come home sick today so we picked her up, where upon she was fine. Now I started fainting for sure at 5, my mom says I was younger but I remember 5 cause I was at school when it happened. Tonight I noticed that when she stands her heart pounds...Maybe she is just sick? maybe it is because she was all worked up from not wanting to go to school tomorrow... There is also a kid in her class who is quite badly behaved and my daughter has to sit next to him... I have asked the teacher to change that. I told her that She could always call me and I will explain my condition to her teacher so she has support if needed. I will put her little medical ID bracelet on (i got it for her for her camping trips..so she would always have id on her...not because of a medical condition. It just has phone numbers but I figured it might make her feel safer.) I told her to try laying down when she felt bad or at least put her head down on a desk. She started crying cause 'the floor is so hard." She said she "wanted a cell phone so she could call me." Now my heart strings are pulled....(maybe the understatement of the century.) My husband thinks the reality of kidnergarten every day has set in, plus some home sickness, plus having to sit next to someone with "issues." I am worried. this might just work itself out, who knows. I mean she runs around the house like a crazy baby and never wants to sit. I see no clues to it at home. I don't want to give her ideas or anything...children are easily "lead"... but at the same time if she is feeling this **** illness then she wont have the words and I will have to help.... G-d please, please, please, please, please let this be just a silly kindergarten issue..
  18. Yea, I have wondered about barometric changes. I think also it being cold out and then going in and out of heated environments, maybe does it too?? I know once I blacked out after sitting in a warm building and then standing outside in freezing temps for about 5 min. I felt fine coming out of the building but...
  19. The heat bugs me too. Growing up in the midwest I always left town in the summer. I now live on the coast where we never get the heat... But still something in the winter will set me off..
  20. Well I am 34 now, and I started having symptoms at 3 years old.
  21. sitting: 60-70 w/o meds standing: 110-140 w/ meds standing: 80-90
  22. It seems like, although I have symptoms all year and fainting spells can come anytime, that from say November to April or May is worst. As a kid i figured it was worse cause I had more stresses to my system then... More pressure to be up in the morning etc. Now, I work all year but it seems like still if I am going to go down for months at a time I can count on November/December thru April/May to be it. I also know that last year I went "Home" to Kansas city for thanksgiving and was on the floor many times... I had a cold too and a very sick 3 year old on my hands.. but i remember thinking "I can never move back here cause I "feel it" again. The "It" being the unrestrained fainting and full on symptoms I had growing up. I was in the shower, feeling progressivly lousier and got to thinking... I do my best thinking in the bathroom. lol OK, all for now... Gotta get my feet up before there is a body over mind mutiny... lol
  23. Well a bit ago I joined the community band. It is all adults, for the most part (some retired professional musicians, some retired and current local high school band teachers and other folks) and we play a bunch of concerts. (next one is Dec 7th and then Dec 14th out at shore acres (an outdoor garden they do up with tons of lights for the holidays)). I also had cut my hours at work down and started Flute lessons since it has been so long since I played a lot, but they have raised my hours back up and I think flute lessons will be too much for me ( i did band and flute lessons last week and spent sunday and monday am fainting...) Either way I am loving playing in the band. Faint or no faint I ain't stoppin' band... (so take that you silly body.)lol
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