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  1. thank you for your replies. I have tried interfrons but they make me so sick I decided the cure was worse than the MS. I also tried Copoxine but Ihad a lot of problems with that to. I am not on anything for MS at this time. I only take things to help with the symptoms. I am going to see my cardiologist tomorrow for the POTS. I hope I get some answers. thank you
  2. Hello everyone this is my first post. I have lots of questions about this syndrome. I have had multiple sclerosis since 1999 and I have learned how to live my life around the symptoms, but now I have a new diagnosis of Pots which my cardiolosist thinks it is from the MS. I have been getting dizzy and feeling like I am going to pass out for a while when I stand up but I thought it was all about the MS and maybe the hight blood pressure I have but on my last appointment with my Cardiologist gave me the dz of POTS becouse when I feel like I am going to pass out when standing my pulse rate is going up to about 100 from my resting rate of 50. I found this out becouse I had a heart rate monitor in planted in my chest. I had a period of time with a very slow heart rate . My doctor was trying to determine if I needed a pacemaker so he had the heart rate monitor inplanted. I have been trying to follow the advice to drink the fluids and eat the salt but I have been having a lot of trouble with edema. I swell in my feet, my abdomin and my face and I get short of breath. I have gained 10 pounds in one or two days. Have any of you had trouble with edema from the fluids and salt. I also have high blood pressure this am it was 180/110 before I took my b/p med. Thank you I will only ask a few questions at a time. I am seeing my cardio Dr tomorrow and I am thinking of asking to see a specilist. Do any of you see secialists or what kind of Dr do you see
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