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  1. it's not very easy to be with low blood presur. this morning i'll go to buy some meel but i must wait to minute to pay and for me 2 minute when it's hot it's a problem. i like cold water. i like to go to the lake when the water is 18 degres...i'm feeling so nice with me leg in the cold water.
  2. does the heat make that you blood presure is going done ? since it was so hot i could not stay up more than 2 minutes...
  3. in short term i'm very tired but in long term i'm feeling better . but if i was in a worst time like now it is very difficult to do sport i'm to much tired but i think i must perserve to do ....for becomming better then some month.
  4. in some period when i'm not feeling good i'm losing weight. and when i'm stable i take weight. in novembre i have an operation of the vesicule and until i lose weight and i'm very tired. you also are tired when you lose weight ?
  5. I'm stymptom are the same worst are my pots worst it is. I try to stop this doing sport. but for the moment it is not possible to do sport has usuasl because 2 weeks ago i had an operation of the vesicul, so know my symptom are not not good. presure very down and diahree in the morning...
  6. me until I had pots i had diarrheoa. I also do colonoscopy..... some week i have no problem but some other it is very worth. I take immodium. I know I'm intolerent in lactose but i eat nothing with lactose. It is hard to live with this probl?m.
  7. Hello, Do a lot of you having pots having diarrhoea ? if yes what do you do to be better ? thanks
  8. at the begining i could not go out of my home. and when their found that i had pots and they give me medication i try to. first i take a well chair. I had training me every day to walk a little and day to day I could do more. I was ill until 10 years but every day I training me to walk or run a little more. now i could run 15 minutes. for me it's a miracle to do this. but these time i'm not so good i must surelly go to the hospital to take away my vesicul bilaire. I'm afraid to loos all the effort i do.
  9. me i have pots but in the tilt table my blood presure is going done very done. in frensh you say tomb? dans les pommes.
  10. Perhaps it is also why we are taking medicine every day and we don't support it very well.
  11. ok thank you for your answer. I see I'm not the only one to have stomac pain. during a long time my doctor give me every day peptobismol. with this I have never stomac pain. but it is not good to take pepto every day. you know why we have stomac pain. It is why we have pots or it is something else ?
  12. Do you also have a lot of stomac pain and have pots ?
  13. I have a severe pots...and not only pots...at the begging i was in a wall char. but day after day week after week i could do more en more... more for me but if you compar to a not ill personn ...it is not good to do 6km in 50min. but for me it's a miracle. i work for that every day. i see more then you stay without doing exercice more then you become ill. with pots you must not stay in a chair on in your bed, after it is more difficult to could stand up. because of pots my immun system is not going well and now since 6 years i also have a keratocone to my two eyes...and i have also the illnes
  14. I have pots until 10 years. And i see a spcialiste of pots in milan. He said to me to do exercicie 1 hour every day. and specialy exercice for leg. you could do that in a fitness. at the beggining it is very very hard to do exercice. me I'm doing 5 times sport in one week. At the begging of my illness the doctor doesn't know if i could walk....and know 10 years after ...after 10 years of hard training I could run and walk 6 km during 50 min. I think you must continue training you. Me the day I do exercice I'm very tired after my training I must staiy calme at home. but for my life it is very
  15. Do you are making sport every day with your pots ? because doctor said if you have pots you must make sport 1 hour every day.
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