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  1. Having Gasrto on top of pots, Neuroathy etc...............really gets ta me after a while I do not handle the starving stuff very well. I mean sometimes I feel like I am literaly staarrving to death. I would rather eat someetthing light and have it come baack up than starv. Night all
  2. 1. Name: Corina Botkin 2. Age: 39 creeping up on the big 40 ;-) 3. Dx: POTS Autonomic Neuropathy, Vetiblular disorder, Gastro Paresis, and now maybe Fibromyalgia 4. Age at dx: 35 5. Where you live: Portland, oregon 6. Symptoms at worst: WOW So many LOL Bad gray outs and some times fall down, wired and shakey feeling, anxiousness, chest pain, shortness of breath and feeling just winded, sharp pain in my stomach and in my chest, inability to concentrate, strares/trances they only last seconds but scarey, freezing or to hot, body pain and ache, freezing hands and feet, dimming vision, Ha
  3. Hello. Well IMO mine stemmed from an over dose from cocain May 1986. I started having symptoms after that. Prior to that I never had any problems. 6 months after that I remeber getting sick and I was told I had a heart mur mur. I was never told that before either! My symptoms were very epasodic for years. It gradually got worse threw the years and every doctor I seen kept telling me oh you have anxiety or depression or it is just in your head!! Well I tried 5 different anti depressants threw the years and all of them with in an hour of consumption put me in the ER with a heart rate above 200 a
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