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  1. I have vascular knots in the back of my head could this be vascular eds.
  2. It was very helpful thank you very much.
  3. My doctor told me they were vascular and I have had them since I had pots so a friend of mine who has pots and has the same knots said doctor Grubb told her it was Eds.
  4. I also have heel pain and knee pain when I sit for a long time or if I stand a long time.
  5. I was wondering I have knots and sore places on my temples and in the back of my head and someone told me it might be eds so I was thinking what does everyone on this forum think it is and do you have this symptom?
  6. Kayla the head of this event wanted you to get in touch with her about selling your shirts at the event.
  7. One more thing the holiday inn there is giving discounts to people who are going to the awareness celebration.
  8. It is going to be a big event where people with dysautonomia can get together and help each other with ideas on how to cope with this illness while their family and kids will have carnival games and raffles also there will be tshirts and charms there with designs on it showing how dysautonomia affects us the address is 2795 highway 134 at the cox Harley davidsons motorcycle place.
  9. It is a awareness celebration that will have speakers ,and a festival like setting like vendors,raffles and shirts and bracelets that tell all about dysautonomia also the money raised will help families with dysautonomia with their medical costs.
  10. I would like to invite all of the members of dinet to attend the dysautonomia awareness celebration being held May the 5th from 10-3 in Asheboro,North Carolina.
  11. My blood sugar was fine until I was diagnosed with pots now it goes up and down but now it is staying high all the time.
  12. I have had two doctors appointments the last two months where they tell me my blood sugar is real high so I was wondering if pots patients have diabetes.
  13. It is according to how long you have worked and how much you put into social security I make over $1700 a month for ssdi.
  14. My neurologist told me to see the dermatologist because she thought I might have a skin infection on the back of my head that is making it so sore.
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