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    Love to read, also do knitting, stain glass, crafts and rocking on the front porch.

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Until March of 2008, I was a wife, mother of two sons and a full time employee. I was a member of the church orchestra, a singer, an avid gardener, part time college student, a busy person...then things changed. I became tired all the time, even with 12 hours of sleep I needed a nap within a couple of hours of waking. I was always complaining about being tired and not feeling well. I was feeling dizzy, light headed, nauseous, had heart palpitations, headaches...then in March I almost passed out driving home from work. My life has not been the same since then. I have not been able to work since mid March and haven't been able to work either. I have passed out and hurt myself many times. The heat will do me in just minutes. I am presently on short termed disability and have been released from my job. It takes me forever to get anything done and I have to nap or rest often throughout the day. My cardiologist has had me on all the normal meds for POTS and none have worked for me. I am now waiting to get into the Mayo Clinic to see if they can help me. I dread the Tilt table test again, it made me pass out and I felt so awful, I do not want to do that test again! It is weird not being able to do things for myself or driving, I pray that this is not permanent.

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