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  1. Can POTS cause very painful stabbing under your left breast always in the same one small spot? The pain often follows a sudden and inexplicable fright to mundane sounds or movements which make me scream out loud like I have seen a mouse or ghost! This occurs multiple times a day. Has anyone experienced this?! if it is not POTS what does it sound like?
  2. When starting on florinef, is it safest (best way to avoid side effects) by starting on the smallest dose and building up as needed - or - to start at a high dose and drop down if side effects occur? Please share your experiences! Thanks
  3. Thank you - What is Dr. Fealey's field of specialty?
  4. Thank you - Which Mayo is Dr. Low at? What is his field of specialty?
  5. I need a recommendation for a good doctor at any Mayo Clinic. I have POTS, Vaso Depressor Reflex issues, and Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. My neurologist is referring me, and asked for specific doctor(s) name(s). Thanks!
  6. What does a 24 hour urine analysis finding of low epinephrine and low norepinephrine (below reportable range) mean? I have POTS and Hashimoto's (hypothryroidism). Thanks.
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