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I am 33 years old with 3 kids 14, 6, and 5 months and was just diagnosed with some wired disorder called Posturial Orthrostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. I have been healthy all my life and really don't understand why this happened to me. I was on my way to a really great career and just got married amd brought my first home. Then I was hit by this disorder. I started having some real bad symptom issues when I was pregnant back in may 07. I went to the emergency room like 13 time and they told me it was no big deal. Sometimes it was so unberable I kept pushing thru the symptoms asking god to show me and reveal what was wrong with me. My family like my mother and sisters pretty much feel that I was faking and that I was crazy. So they stop coming around and calling me. It's almost like a nightmare the symptoms alone but not having the comfort of your family makes it very hard. I actually got my peak at what this could be from someone on another site suffering similiar symptoms a nurse and she was great with opening the name and the site called pots place to help me explained to a doctor. I give all the credit to GOD though because he put me in the right direction. Im scared alot right now and feel confused and need alot of guidence in my life to pull me thru. My husband is good to me though this but sometimes get frustrated when I am down and out. I still refuse to accept this because I feel like this is not suppose to happen to people who have faith in God. Im glad to see that there are others like me who can relate. I must admit Im in full depression and pray it goes away really soon.

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