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  1. I thank you bjt22, but I can't seem to not get on with my life without checking my pulse every 5 minutes, Today someone at work asked me, are you o.k. Ifelt so embarrased. I feel shame and realy embarrassed that Im this way. I can't seem to get thru the day without crying or having a break down. I wish I was o.k. and normal. I fell my pulse in public and everywhere I go. I really don't want to work, I know this may sound selfish because I do sit at my desk, but I can't even handle that. I have battles with negative thoughts all day at work. Im really trying to rela my mind and assure myself that's nothing wrong but I can't help it. I think it's making me sick worse.
  2. I started back working full time, it's a desk job by the way. I feel so nervous at work sometimes and wonder if people can see my pulse beating in my neck. I have also developed an obsession w/feeling my pulse in my neck which have grown on me over the past year and a half. I can't believe Iactually survived Disney World 2 week ends ago thak you lord. My newest worry is this. Ihave been feeling my heart ship a beat all this week. Iwas wondering if bloating or gas can be causing this but it's scaring the _ _ _ _ out of me. It's like a pause and then my heart starts beating again. Is anyone else going thru this is this a symptom too. It's no apart of the tachycardia. Can someone help because Im a wreck right now....
  3. I have the same drama thank god my husband deal with the toddler better than me I acutually have to battle with Mr. puberty my 15 year old son. My toddler Ihave hime in the morning up until I go to work. You really have to tired him out he needs to go for early evening walks. That will calm him at night.
  4. I sit in a chair in a office I keep water but my neves are jumpy and my vision is a little blury but I think I would be o.k. once training is over and I get to my cubicle. I just hate really small areas with alot of people. Thanks for the advice but Im not suppose to miss any days for the 5 weeks of training. I just need to make it thru this part I know I will. Im going to keep my prayers going.
  5. I am in full tears becaused I lived this, I had to just now walk away from my computer because it touched some neves. I will have u in my prayers and your boyfriend to. I know how it feels to want to leave but to be scared u won't have anyone to help u. You have found a comfort zone with having someone weather he is bad or good. First let my start by saying find a comfort zone with Christ. Second learn to laugh inside and even ignore what he says negative about u and say to your self that what u have is for real and he does not have to believe u but we do. Third and lastly but not least trust God and know him pray to him and rebuke the enemy from attacking your house hold. Keep your head and stand up for your self.
  6. I feel very afraid, I started back to work on Monday and it was o.k. just o.k. some tachycardia. Today it was one really bad event I thought my heart stop beating for a few seconds what was that, then when I got really scared had a small panic attack in the training class. I hope anyone didn't notice. I wept a little behind the computer and sucked it in. It was really awful. I think my bp got really low and maybe if I didn't circulate my back leg muscles who knows. It feel really uncomfortable but I did ask God for a job with great benefits and that's what I got I really don't want to let him down. Im afraid guys I feel dizzy and wiered in front of all these new people and scared they would find out about my illness. Help!!!!!!
  7. You put the rt hand inside the other with the finger tips touching like you pull something apart like pulling your locked finger tips apart. Your arms and elbows would be extended out the thumbs would be the only two fingers not touching each other sorry if I noted pinky fingers before.
  8. The doctor I saw today was the bomb he knows how to treat POTS and even taught me great counter manuevers. He knows just how people with POTS feel and showed me how to get my pressure up 10 points by pulling my fingers. To elaborate you use both hands with finger tips touching except the pinky fingers and pull with force as if your pulling them apart. Another move most know about is staying mobile and keeping the calves toned so tensing the calves while sitting and standing by lifting the heals works great. It was Gods grace that I found this guy, I was actually leaving the first Cardiologist very upset because it was my second trip to them and he advised me that the holter system was down and he could not hook it up to me. You think they would have had the sense to call me before I came all the way up there. So me and my attitude left the office, I happen to wonder off into another Cardiologist office and met my new best friend he was great and a great listener. Hope some of this helps......
  9. I think because our heart is so relaxed when we sleep and the blood flow is at a certain rate, any shift or movement will cause it to become irregular. I get this but my heart rate is low before sleeping.
  10. I was hit with this when I was about 4 months pregnant and I lossed about 50 pounds while pregnant mostly could be from stress. I think it came because alot changes occured during my pregnancy.
  11. I learned that I manage well by taking a quick hot shower and then cool down the temp. I also sit in the shower I have a step up tiled over the the back portion of the tub and Im able to sit. I also fix the shower head toward the end of the tub.
  12. So what if I don't feel like doing my chores today there's always tomorrow. Who cares if what people think of me because Im not able to continue my career anymore. As far as doctors I really don't give a hoot if Im a doctor's worse nightmare.
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