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  1. I work as a waitress, and I am notorious for this. It is frustrating when a manager or co-worker calls out something along the lines of that it will be taken out of my paycheck (a joke, they don't really do that). But still, I definitly have a reputation and I get laughed at for dropping things all the time. I've wondered if my clumsiness were due to the POTS or not. Sometimes I feel like a blame everything on the POTS, but reading this maybe there is something to it? oh, I also get the forgetting things too. Like, important things. Keys, purse, etc. If I am distracted or anxious at al
  2. This may sound extremely crazy and off-the-wall, but I'm just throwing stuff out there - GERD? (acid reflux)? I had coughing really, really bad with GERD; it was like I had a cold that was hanging on and would flare up when I ate or got upset or exherted myself. Does the warmth feel like possibly hot burn at all? Again, just throwing something out there. Amber
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