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  1. like a really definition of all of these and maybe how you feel if they are mixed together dizzy groggy lightheaded and maybe any other weird things you experience that I might be missing a name to. sometimes I'm kind of like, which one am I feeling right now? especially when I'm just sitting.
  2. yes that can is a common sideeffect with anti depressants. You can always switch if it gets that bad
  3. you have a point there- the past few days it's been ranging all over in the lower numbers, and it seems to be not as effective after I first took it. That might have happened with propanolol too and after awhile we saw it go down much lower and be more steady. I'm really bad at noticing patterns though and keeping track of things, no matter how hard I try, I get so off task. Anyways, I have noticed since I started taking it, everyday it looks like it takes more hours to see an effect from it, where as before I noticed the effect happened much quicker like an hour after taking it. i have a fee
  4. my doctor just switched me from propanolol to bystolic, it brings down my heart rate just as well as propanolol for me atleast. I was really surprised she mentioned the drug as an option since it's new, and as I already researched it, I chose that one right away! The first day my heart rate dropped about 30 points.(standing I am about 150- 120 immediately) I felt like I was falling asleep all day on propanolol, where as with this one I do notice a definite change in energy. On the second day I had a record of having a heart rate of 74. Now, usually after a few hours of taking bystolic, I am
  5. I try to get in the 3 liters a day, as it is recommended- rarely happens anymore though since I get all off task. So I'd say I usually get to 1 1/2 liters
  6. the SSRIs and SNRIS are suppose to help, but it really depends on your body I guess. I just started taking zoloft too and propanolol, I don't know which one bringing it down, but I have seen a traumatic difference. It may take awhile to see a difference, but you can always mention to your doctor your concerns. Looks like the docs say alcohol will make it worse, but it doesn't seem to be that way for everyone. They are way too cautious sometimes, they love to follow by side effects with some people and think well since it happened with them, it's going to happen with you! Not always true, so I
  7. ayi... I would love to find an agreement with you, but before I reached the earlier years of my high school, I had plenty of energy. We had to go all the way back into my elementary school records, and it definitely confirmed I had ADD. I was very slow at my work ( in general people have always found me slow), inattentive to detail, and overall I found that I was called a big ditz when I was a kid. I was the classic inattentive ADD that really no one notices, so they got away with thinking at first that I did have a language processing disorder, and eventually they said that my listening skil
  8. I did! did terrible- attention, memory, comprehension, the whole works. IQ was really bad as well. They didn't understand it even for having adhd and depression, especially since I did honors classes in high school. If you have gotten one done, how did you do? yea er, anyways..... I ended up going to the emergency room because of some very bad choices on my crazy self who has no idea what she's doing. Now I'm off many medications due to side effects and because of some intense observation and evaluations. Now I am on zoloft, trileptal, propanolol (in which is tremendously helping pots, I rarel
  9. So I've seen that many of you look like your on sleep medications and I've developed a sleeping problem since I've developed pots. I told my doc about this and I thought it was attributed to pots. I wake up a lot during the night, feel really restless as if my feet won't stop dancing, tossing and turning-you know the deal. I end up getting really irritated and start worrying about random things because in general I just think a lot (ADDer here, as if you can't tell, random thoughts start popping in my head). I try to divert myself if I'm conscious enough,throw on my headphones to relax me, and
  10. I have a terrible time with this, being adhd, I can never remember what relaxes me, or that o yea, I had this symptom a few days ago and that it's nothing new. I usually pop on my headphones and listen to something really soothing if I happen to be at home, or really anything that distracts my mind. I have a terrible time focusing on my thoughts and telling myself to calm down, so that kind of nips that in the bud. So yes, distraction is the key Also meditation tapes really help.. I haven't stuck with it, of course, but it definitely helps me focus when I get really stuck in a big loop and
  11. well as you can see.. I'm totally ADHD.. I didn't even notice your list of medications at the bottom
  12. either way, it doesn't really matter which type you have. It is said that a number of people with SCT respond to stimulant medications anyway, have you given them a try?
  13. my nurse practioner said it wasn't reccommended to use midodrine with other stimulants, but told me to talk to my psychiatrist about it. Just seeing if anyone else has had any experience out there with it.
  14. I definitely have ADHD. I'm getting really hyper lately and I'm actually happy. I've gotten a lot of support and I'm really getting myself out of this depression.My energy is and out, but so be it- that's pots. I went to my nurse practioner today, and she told me she thought I was so much more alert and agreed that I definitely do have ADD, and I told her I was pretty happy lately. Before this whole incident, she tried me on cymbalta, it reved me up and I couldn't sleep.-- Ended up getting more depressed. For some odd reason even though I'm happy she still wants me on Lamictal, but I honestl
  15. I'm finally slowly getting out of it right now, as I started cymbalta yesterday. The first few hours of a day I actually know what's going on around me, it's great! Then I go back into brain fog... I feel so frozen. do you basically just have to wait it out or can anyone actually do anything when they are experiencing this?
  16. Thank you all for the support. I am taking salt tablets and clonidine right now. I've been taking salt tablets for 3 weeks and have noticed some improvement. I then started clonidine a week ago and it seems to be balancing out my blood pressure somewhat. I'm finding it easier to fall asleep and am actually remembering my dreams, so I guess it's working somewhere in there!
  17. I'm at the beginning stage of pots, and I was just wondering if you feel like this especially in the beginning of treatment: you have no idea whats going on, stare into space all day long, and can barely keep your eyes open. When I am out in public it's like I'm in a cloud and get lost really easily. I swear every person I past by looks at me like I'm retarded and my mouth is usually wide open.
  18. So, I have suffered from fatigue problems for about 7 years. I'm sure it messed up my cognitive thinking very much in the process. All this time I thought I had ADD (still might have it, but it doesn't really matter) and thought that was why I had so many problems figuring out people and being productive with my life.I'm sure once I get everything worked out with my diagnosis, my mental and physical functioning will probably amaze me and the past won't matter anymore. Ever since my diagnosis of pots/nmh was made a few weeks ago, I went through my past and looked at all my failures: wondering
  19. It's been bothering me ever since my diagnosis a few weeks ago. I was just recently diagnosed with neurally mediated hypotension and pots, but up until being diagnosed I always complained about fatigue and attention problems since I was 13 years old. I developed anemia around that time as well. I would tell my doctors that I felt like i was always spacing out and they told me I had the inattentive type of ADD. I tried almost every single medication out there for ADD and although they did help me pay attention in class, I never felt like myself on them. I went back and got my elementary school
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