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  1. Did anyone see the woman on "The Doctors" on ABC tv this a.m. that was allergic to everything & had MCAD?
  2. I feel very sluggish & tired especially the day after a migraine, can't tolerate loud noise, & usually feel slightly off balance, eyes don't focus well. Sometimes the pain is still there the next day. I think it probably takes a couple of days for our blood vessels or arteries to relax again.
  3. I have it a lot usually when I have fluid in my inner ear.
  4. I don't really feel like preparing huge dinners for guests but would like to make a special meal for my grown children. I'm at a complete loss on what to prepare for gluten free, low or sugar free desserts. I've tried several recipes, most of which have not been edible. Any suggestions? I don't have the energy to stand in the kitchen all day especially to throw the finished dish out. Thanks.
  5. Does anyone use nitroglycerin for their POTS or vasovagal syncope symptoms? I'm afraid it would trigger my migraines or seizures since it dilates blood vessels. Thanks.
  6. Thanks. I do the same if I have a warning.
  7. When you lose consciousness which way do you fall or what position are you in when you come to? When I have fainted from low blood sugar or seizure I've always fell backwards & wake up with a head & neck ache. Just curious. Thanks.
  8. I am so happy you found something that helped. I tried Corgard years ago for migraines & had a bad reaction to it. The sleepiness will probably be less the longer you're on it. I love good surprises.
  9. I don't want to discourage anyone but I'm 70 & have had this for at least 25 years. I got worse after 50 & it's been downhill ever since. The only time I leave home is for a dr's app't & then only if absolutely necessary.
  10. I thought salt was bad for the kidneys. I think if you have kidney disease you would have to limit salt intake. I know for a fact it's bad if you have Meniere's disease because it can cause vertigo.
  11. Thanks for taking time to reply. On the rare good day, you're right things are not as bad.
  12. Again, I do not know how to describe these feelings. It involves odors. I do have migraines, partial seizures, cfs, & mcs, and am trying to figure out what is the root of my problem. Does Dysautonomia just get worse & worse? As I have gotten older everything is worse. If I walk into a rest room where someone has washed their hands, even if the soap is mild, I automatically get weak, dizzy & feel like I am going to pass out. I went out yesterday for first time in weeks. My DH drove me to Walmart & I didn't get in the door until I started that same old dizzy, lifeless feeling. I came home & collapsed for hours & today I am still drained. Do any of you experience this? I'm so sick of staying home & avoiding life. Even my pets odor makes me ill. thanks for help.
  13. Thanks for reply. When mine first started it seemed it was always in the night but as I've gotten older it hits anytime. Sounds like same symptoms you have except I get nausea & I usually end up in bathroom. I've tried walking it off, but as you say my legs start getting numb & weak so I usually get close to a BR & sit with my head down hoping I won't pass out.
  14. The accu pressure wrist bands did not help my nausea/motion sickness & I had a bad reaction to McClezine, hopefully you want. What does seem to help is Ativan taken about an hour before you get in vehicle. Benadryl seems to help others in my family. I hope you enjoy your vacation.
  15. I have IBS and when colon cramps are bad I also have syncope. I have times I can eat without a problem but then have bouts where everything I eat seems to trigger colon spasms. I don't have diarrhea just hard spasms. I feel stress & anxiety makes these episodes worse. Does anyone else have these symptoms? Thanks.
  16. Does anyone here know a good MCAD forum? thanks.
  17. The only place I can come for understanding. It's a blessing!
  18. I've tried the brown rice & also the quinoa & corn blend pasta which isn't bad. I found that most of the gluten free bread I bought really wasn't gluten free. I started making my own bread using the grains & nuts I could tolerate. My fav was made from almond meal & ground flax. I found crackers were also easy to make & delicious. After going gluten free for few weeks & could not tell I felt any better I went back to wheat.
  19. My internist tells me that people with Gerd or heartburn don't have enough stomach acid. He has his patients with Gerd do a test called Betaine HCL test to determine if that is their problem. I'm supposed to do this test before seeing dr again. Have you done this test? I've never found anything that helped symptoms once HB started. Most things such as ACV made me worse. Hope you're much better by now.
  20. blue, how did the dental apt go? I get the white coat syndrome just thinking about going to a dr or dentist. When I have a migraine it takes a couple of days for things to calm down. I'm not exactly sure what happens to our blood vessels/arteries when we have a migraine, but I know they do constrict then dilate so that could be a factor. Hope you're feeling better!
  21. You say it's in your head but could it be your ears? I have that occasionally when I have fluid in my ear. I have tinnitus 24/7 in both ears but the swishing I hear is more like my heartbeat. Is your blood pressure ok?
  22. Thanks everyone for your help. I've been on low histamine diet for a long time. There are very few foods that I do not react to so my diet is limited. Occ I can eat a bite or two of a food that I am allergic to without a problem. It's not only food but I seem to be sensitive to everything, that's why I am so surprised I made it through the dr's office & hospital lab & did not have one reaction to anything.
  23. Thanks Bigskyfam, my husband is an on the go guy also & I'm glad he is. If he was like me I couldn't take it. A trip to the grocery store is a big days work for me & it has to be a spur of the moment thing when I think I can get through it. I don't think they will ever understand. I hope I finally get to the point of not trying to please everyone else. Do what you enjoy!
  24. I also asked for a histamine level test but my internist said their office didn't do that test. I'm limited in what I can have done since no doc in my area. thanks for reply.
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