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  1. When I eat honey I always feel like I am about to pass out. I was told by a bee keeper they do use a pesticide in the hives to kill mites. I am very allergic to pesticides so that may be the link for me. Do you know if you are sensitive to pesticides?
  2. I wish I was there. There are no neurologist in my area worth seeing.
  3. I'm sorry your daughter is having to go thru this. I've had 40 years of dr's not believing anything I told them. When a dr finally looked at my list of symptoms & illness & said "I know what's wrong with you", I almost cried. I was stunned, it took me a minute b/4 I could respond. I know this is a silly question after all you've been thru but, is it possible that she has a minor sinus inf or allergy? If I get the slightest sinus or throat inf or even an allergy I will run a 102? temp for days. If I go to the dr they usually can't find anything. Best of luck!
  4. I was given librax for IBS. I have IBS with constipation & one of the side effects of librax is constipation so I'm hesitant to take it. GI dr thinks it will help the colon cramps & I will be able to eat more foods. Anyone had experience with this med? He seems to be familiar with dysautonomia/P.O.T.S. but so far everything he has prescribed has caused more problems. Thanks.
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