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  1. How did you get the spinning to stop? I have POTS & Meniere's disease. What you experienced sounds like Meniere's to me. I sometimes think it is more frightening than Dysautonomia. Did you get nauseous with your vertigo? Maybe I'm not allowed to say this, but either Ativan or Valium sometimes helps with vertigo.
  2. Thanks for your support. No end of surprises. I get anxiety just thinking of having to leave the house for fear of what might occur and the older I get the worse it is. Good luck to you all.
  3. With POTS do you only faint when you standup from sitting/laying position? I've had Dysautonomia for a long time but for the last 2 months I have fainted while standing. It happened again this a.m. while washing dishes. I just went down. It wasn't hypoglycemia because I had already had juice & felt fine until it happened. I did have a headache after. Just wonder if anyone else does this at random? thanks.
  4. Thanks for replies! My potassium is good. I think old age & lack of estrogen is a lot of my problem. The only thing I can think of at 51 that slowed me down was the beginning of menopause. Kimin you really have a lot to deal with. Good luck everybody!
  5. Besides all the other symptoms of Dysautonomia I have developed pain & stiffness in my arms & legs. It feels like I have over exercised but I have not. I am in my 70's but have always been agile, done yoga, lifted weights but after this started I have more syncope, very tired. I've been to PCP but blood test only shows inflammation. I also have fibromyalgia. Just wondering if it's old age or part of this illness? Thanks.
  6. Some of my friends have used laughing gas & it sounds great. I have seizures & migraines + POTS & lately my BP drops so suddenly I hesitate to do anything out of the ordinary. I'll try to get through it without sedation. thanks!
  7. Thank you for reply. I do use a small one dentist office. The odors that make me sickest are the glues & fillers the dentist is using in my mouth. I have discussed it with dentist & they try to accommodate me but it's impossible to get crowns & root canal without toxic materials. They would rather sedate me to sleep but I don't recover well from that. I feel it's a hopeless situation.
  8. Does anyone have sensitivity to chemical odors? Have you had a root canal? If so, would you share your experience? A trip to the dentist for anything is always very traumatic to me because of the smelly glues. Root canal procedure is even worse than a crown & wearing a mask is not an option. I've had times I didn't think I could walk out of the dentist office because of reactions to these odors. Does anyone have any suggestions how to get thru it? The anxiety is overwhelming. Thanks you!
  9. Has anyone had the flu this year? If so, if you took Tamiflu , what kind of side effects if any did you have from it? Thanks.
  10. I will be going to an Endodontist for consultation. Actually one Endodontist has sent me to one of his colleagues because of my sensitivities. I was not able to use chlorhexidine as a mouth rinse either. I have not found an allergist in my area that does testing for dental anesthetics. The dentist & hygienist I went to for 30 years have both retired & I have not found another one I feel comfortable with. Thanks to everyone for your support.
  11. Thanks yogini, I'm finding that usually no one believes in these chemical allergies unless they experience it. Dentist are the worst.
  12. I've had allergic reaction to every antibiotics I've tried for at least 20 years. The disinfectant that is used is bleach. If it is accidentally spilled into the mouth it leaves a bad burn. Although it is used in drinking water I can't see it not being toxic. Anesthesia is not an option either. Doctor says avoidance is only answer. Of course dentist deny any harm because of money. Same as the mercury issue with them. I guess I will have to try it. I do hate to save a tooth & lose more brain cells. Thanks for all replies!
  13. I'm told I need a root canal & have put it off for a year. I am very neurologically sensitive to toxic odors to the point I will pass out for an extended period of time or have a seizure. One of the odors is the disinfectant used in RC. My dentist tells me it hardly has an odor. He doesn't understand that I am so sensitive to it I can smell the bleach in the drinking water (which I don't drink). I also have a problem with the dental glues. It's not only the odor but disinfectant is in the mouth for an extended period of time. I can't find a dentist that uses an alternative disinfectant. Also, if I get an infection I can't take antibiotics or steroids. I guess I can't expect a dentist to understand this. If I pass out while RC is being done it would be dangerous to swallow this. Be honest with me, am I being a baby about this? Should I just go ahead & take a chance which I feel can only end badly? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for all your support. Being a senior most of my long time friends & close family have died. I think I'm getting where I had rather be by myself. It's stressful listening to everyone's problems & not being able to help them. That sounds selfish but it's true.
  15. I have Dysautonomia, Meniere's, Migraines, Fibromyalgia , & severe allergies to mention a few things that keep me from being a social person. I don't drive anymore & always enjoyed the calls of friends. It seems as time has gone by I get less & less calls. I did call them occasionally but when they didn't call I stop calling them because I don't want to be pushy. I realize I am boring & don't have anything to gossip about it is a little hurtful that when we get where we can't do things for others they have no use for us. I was always careful not to complain about how I felt physically because I know no one likes to hear it. Just wonder if anyone else has had this problem? Thanks.
  16. I have vertigo caused by Meniere's disease & drinking Gatorade or eating a lot of salt is bad . Salt causes more fluid retention in inner ear which causes more vertigo.
  17. Thank you. I didn't notice the scent being to bad during a filling but I always have trouble walking out of a dental procedure because I'm so weak from chemical exposures. Chlorine & glues are 2 of my most serious allergies. Dentist say they do not use any toxic products, what a joke.
  18. If it smells anything like a swimming pool I'm in trouble. I can smell an indoor pool before I enter the building. I guess that's hard to believe but the smell makes me very sick. I do ask for no epinephrine & always have to have more anesthetic during a procedure. Add holding the mouth open a long time & I can see this is not gonna be easy. I do appreciate your comments.
  19. After procrastinating for over a year I think I am finally going to get brave enough to have a root canal. I have been told by my dentist not to have the tooth extracted unless absolutely necessary. One of my biggest questions is, if you've had a RC did you smell any of the disinfectants used in cleaning the tooth. I am very sensitive to odors. Thanks.
  20. I have not been told the function test was abnormal. It was found by physical exam & in the past an ultrasound showed fatty liver. thanks for reply.
  21. I have this & have never drank alcohol. Does anyone here have it? Could this be related to Dysautonomia? I think mine is probably due to poor nutrition caused from having severe allergies. I'm trying to stay optimistic. I don't want to think of all the horrible things that could cause it. Thanks.
  22. Thanks everyone for your reply! I've had blood checked & it was ok. I don't know what normal feels like either.
  23. Does Dysautonomia cause someone to feel cold a lot? It doesn't seem to matter what temp the room is I'm cold. When I try to check my glucose level I can't get enough blood flow even when I wash my hands in warm water before sticking finger. I may feel cold all day then suddenly for no apparent reason have hot flush & sweat. From one extreme to the other. The older I get the more surprises this illness has or maybe I'm just blaming every symptom on it. Thanks.
  24. Thanks for your reply. I have been surprised by this. I thought the worst part would be the dental work.
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