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  1. I have become afraid to eat because of IC, IBS,kidney disease, food allergies.  I only eat a few bites 2 or 3 x's a day of food  I think is safe for me to eat.  Then I wait to get a bad tummy ache which happens often.   I admit I've become almost, if not, paranoid about this. 

  2. Have any of you passed out while outside?  After working outside in yard for a few min  I decided to water plants & come inside.  I didn't feel overheated but when I started for inside my house my vision turned gray & I knew I was going down.  I made it inside the garage but did not make it inside house before I collapsed & when I came to my hair was drenched & it took me awhile before I could get inside house where it was cool.  I've passed out a lot in my life but always inside where I could get to a chair or bed. For some reason this was the most disturbing.  I live in rural area so there's a lot to do outside in the summer. Now I'm not comfortable going outside at all. I've had dysautonomia many years & never had this problem with the heat.   How would you handle this?  Thanks.

  3. Thank you.  I ate light breakfast this am & felt like nothing digested.  I decided to experiment so I took an Ativan .5 & forgot about it.  In a few minutes I started burping & felt like my food was digesting & even went for a walk & ate a light lunch. That also leads me to believe some of it is caused by stress & anxiety. Nothing is much fun anymore is it?

  4. Do any of you ever do this?  When I get to thinking about all the physical health problems I have & am unable to take medication that might help.  I'm highly allergic & also have kidney disease which limits my food & meds.  I've been having awful IBS symptoms with pain & vomiting, can't eat.   Sometimes in the middle of the night I wake & start shaking so hard I can't stop.  I think it makes my POTS worse.  If you have this problem what do you do to get yourself under control?  Thanks

  5.   I managed to get by with readers for a few years for my closeup reading. Now whatever strength readers I try works about 5 min tops & then vision goes blurry again.  I still manage distance pretty well, not perfect.   I've always kept up with eye checkups.  Last year after examination the Dr could not find any prescription that helped.  She changed the lens three times & I spent a lot of money & still do not have any glasses that help.  She offered to do cataract surgery early to see if it might help.  I refused. I use a magnifying glass a lot.  My old optometrist told me it wasn't an eye problem but a brain problem.  I have had a brain injury but there must be something that will help me enjoy reading again.  I've been searching this board for something that would help. It seems a lot of us have this problem but I didn't find an answer.  I've thought about ordering those lighted magnifiers that is advertised a lot but the reviews are not very good.  Anyone found anything that helps?  Thanks.

  6. Has anyone developed CKD?  I don't think Dysautonomia causes it but my blood test now show CKD.   I've never drank alcohol, no sodas, coffee, eat low protein, no medication abuse.  I'm just curious if any of you have experienced this?  Doctor did mention it might be caused from BP going from high to so low it causes fainting.  thanks.

  7. Does anyone experience RLS?  If so, could you describe to me how it feels.  I've experienced what I think is RLS but it's hard for me to explain what I feel.  It feels like a kind of electrical shock that radiates down from my hip to my leg & I have to move when it starts.  It's almost painful.  The next day my legs seem to feel tight in the muscles & slightly sore.   I can't sleep or relax when I have an episode.  It usually effects one leg at a time & there doesn't seem to be any way I can lay to get relief.  If I take something like Lorazepam I can relax enough to go to sleep.  I've only had this happen a few times over the years.  Thanks!

  8. I have to watch my diet because of migraines, interstitial cystitis, IBD, & allergies.  There's not much left I can eat & it's mostly things that are not healthy like white bread & rice.  Everything I can eat is not good for me.  I get to craving a raw salad.  I've learned not to worry about it.

  9. I don't take a BP med at all.  My internist only wants to give me something for high BP.  Since my BP is so erratic it seems dangerous to try to medicate.  I was hoping I could find something to take to raise it when my BP is very low & I have syncope.  Yesterday a.m. it was low  this a.m. it's high.  How do you take manage that?   Thanks for your reply.

  10.  I think I feel better faster if  I can make it to my kitchen table & lay my head on the table & hopefully not fall out of the chair.  Mine usually ends in full syncope.   If I can get a cool wet cloth on my neck  & a sip of ginger ale it helps some.  I live in fear of the symptoms you describe & sometimes I  am also drenched in perspiration & my heart rate is very slow.  Hope you find some help.

  11. Is there a natural remedy to stabilize BP?   My BP drops usually in the am.  By the time I am alert enough to take my BP it's usually 90/45 or 50.  In the afternoon it's usually back to 120/70's.  It takes me a long time to feel normal again.  I worry if I take a med to raise BP it will get too high.  When I have it checked at doctors office it's always dangerously high (he says) & doc wants to give me a medication to lower it.   I feel it would be better if there was something to take when I feel the BP dropping.  I'm getting afraid to leave home for fear of fainting.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

  12. Has anyone ever fainted when using estrogen vaginal cream?  I was using very small dose for post menopausal problem 

    and after a few doses I started fainting almost every day which I had not done in a long time.  I am very allergic to a lot of things so I

    started eliminating anything new I might have been using.  Only after I stopped using the estrogen did the fainting stop.  Doctors 

    insist it could not have been caused from the small amount of estrogen & to keep using it.   When  I think back  I always had a problem taking hormones of any kind, migraines, partial seizures etc.

      I won't use the estrogen because I'm afraid to leave the house when I'm fainting all the time.  Am I wrong? I can't take chance on being away from home alone & hit the floor.  Being in a familiar place is scary enough.  Thanks.

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