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I'm a mother of two daughters, Emma (8) and Lexi (6). I have a loving husband who is very understanding of my illness. We are all trying to figure this POTS thing out together. I've been having symptoms since my first pregnancy in 2002, but the worst of of hit me in January of '08. I was bedridden for about 6 weeks until my dx. Life has drastically changed, as I'm sure it does for anyone in this situation. I quit a management job to stay home. Our two girls keep me running more than I am able, but I manage. I feel bad for them because I can't do all that they want me to do. I'm not the mother I always dreamed of being.

I am slowly excepting the reality of my new life and try more and more every day. Of course, I still have bad days when I hate the world and what's happening to me. I can handle the sickness... the light-headedness, dizziness, heart racing, stomach problems, etc. What I'm having a hard time with is missing out on things I used to do with ease: go swimming, walking, playing outdoor games with friends, etc. I'm sure in time, I'll learn to except how I am and what my limitations are.

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