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  1. Hi.  Can you tell me more about your experience with craniosacral therapy?

    The last time I did it for 2 sessions, it made me worse. 

    I think that the therapist caused my vagus nerve to be impinged and I have been dizzy every since.

    So it made my dysautonomia worse.

    I am wondering if I should see another doctor who does it to undo what the last one did.

  2. Me too. Sometimes laying down doesn't aleviate all the symptoms. I've felt dizzy, foggy, exhausted - all while laying down. I get that disoriented feeling upon waking frequently. Feels like you're trying to wake up from anesthesia. Horrible!
  3. This was one of my most bothersome symptoms when first dx?d. It felt like I was burning up from the inside out ? like my blood was molten lava and the burn radiating off my skin was like a white hot sunburn. At the time, the only relief I got was from lying down and applying cold cloths to my body. I?d also wear Cool-dana?s (from the sporting goods store ? bandanas filled with a liquid pack that you could freeze and then wear). I?ve been going to a cranial osteopath who?s been doing head/neck manipulation to lessen the severity of my POTS symptoms. Oh, on several occasions I?ve had the
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