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  1. Hi, I had high cortisol levels a while back and now just found out about the high insulin... I'd definately have the GTT WITH insulin levels done.. I haven't started feeling better yet simply because they can't figure out the right dose of medicine, but i'm POSITIVE that once they figure it out, i'm going to start feeling better!!
  2. Hi, I sure do know how you feel.. Those adrenaline surges are the WORST! I always feel like a monster ready to kill someone! I have learned to try to avoid interacting much with my husband during that time, bc I know i'm going to go off on him. Also, I pray and read my Bible. Sometimes, obviously, reading makes me feel worse, so I just meditate on the words I know and think about how I feel that God is with me. That helps me alot, eventhough I know I still have to go through the episode. Sometimes I wish I had a rescuer who could just take it all away. I try not to dwell on that thought though, because it's not reality and will make me feel even more disappointed. Hang in there, we're all in the same boat!!!
  3. I definately didn't buy it off the internet. It was prescribed by the doctor. I am having all the side effects that it listed; weakeness, tiredness, muscle aches, dizziness... I think I may just stop taking it all together until I can see the endochronologist next Thurs. It's not like it's helping anyway..
  4. Radha, Please don't take my experience to be the same as yours. you may have totally different results! Just remember we're all different and something that may not work for someone may work for someone else. Have you had the 3 hour gtt test with insulin tested? If you have the same problem, it would be a good idea to at least try the Metformin if your Dr says to. Hope you're doing good!
  5. No the tests strips are fine. He gets an abundance of strips and they are not old. I understand that what is good for you may not be for me. Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the advice, Sandy! Man, I wish I would have read about not taking the medicine in the morning before now!!! I just took it oh well now i know for tomorrow. That makes sense though... and I'm glad you said something about how often to test. You know, I was at 204 the other day and my doc said "oh everyone goes that high every now and then" and this was over 2 hours after I had eaten.. so frustrating.. so when i'm that high i'm gonna test every 15 min like you said and 30-1 hour depending on where i'm at. I'm going to look and see if my machine has graphing abilities. I don't think it does but I have to use it bc my brother in law gave me 400 free strips from the same type of machine... I can just graph it myself, I guess... I really appreciate the insight.. I have an appointment to see the endo next week but hopefully they'll call with a cancellation. Thanks to everyone who has given kind words. This is so frustrating!!!! Just trying to keep positive that it will get better soon
  7. Wow I was just contemplating going to the ER today just bc i've been so weak. I totally relate! Although I have no great words of wisdom But I would say if you feel you should go, then go. Don't worry about it. That's what the ER is for.
  8. Hi, please know you are NOT alone!!! I totally understand what you are going through. I was in the same boat about a year and a half ago with work. I was working at a mental health facility (of all places!!) my boss really got people believing I was just an emotional, crazy person who didn't have any physical problems. It really hurt. I did end up having to quit and haven't been able to work since. Wow that's depressing! sorry. I just know there are others who have been able to re gain their life back and that keeps me going. Although, I am kinda goin through the same types of feelings you are right now. This disease is SO Frustrating.. I hope you can find peace in whatever decision you make. Just remember, if you are that sick and you continue going and going you won't have time for yourself to get better. Does your husband have health insurance? Maybe you could find some insurance that you could pay for privately (i know it's expensive). Take care and DONT give up!!!!!
  9. Thanks for the replies. Yes I have tried backing off the dose... 500mg at night and 250mg in the morning. I'm so weak today I can hardly sit up. I have been eating properly, actually not bragging but I do know quite a bit about all that stuff, that's what I went to school for. But i'm sure even the most knowledgable person can make mistakes. and I had NO IDEA that avandia caused hypo side effects. No he didn't tell me to test, or if he did, I sure don't remember. That is so frustrating to me that my own doc has no clue (wait, been here before!!!!) I just am so frustrated i don't know what to do! I guess i'll call the endo and see if I can get an appointment. I did sleep through the night, like I said, but still am just so weak and feel AWFUL! I think i'll ask the endo to go talk with a dietician.. can't hurt any. (unless I can't drive there! haha) well I better get off here before I pass out. Thanks again.
  10. Well I didn't start the avandia yet... I thought i'd give the Metformin a couple more days. I have noticed i'm not waking up at night, but i'm still VERY weak, dizzy, heart racing, etc etc... I am nervous about taking the avandia bc they don't know of its side affects during pregnancy. I'm NOT pregnant but stopping the pill sure does add to the concern... so I thought i'd give the Metformin till sat or sun and see what happens. Just tryin to be optimistic but it's so hard :( Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated! I can't believe he wants me to go from taking 1000 mg of Metformin a day to 4 mg of Avandia a day. I know they are different drugs, but good grief! should I go see the endochronologist????
  11. I had to go back to the dr today bc ever since I started the Metformin i've felt CRAZY!!! LOTS of adrenaline surges, weakness, etc.. basically all the symptoms i've been having, just MORE SEVERE!! so he told me to stop the Metformin and start Avandia. Avandia is slow acting so he said it could take 6-8 weeks for my insulin levels to get regulated!!!!!! WOW That's a long time. but the Metformin was DEFINATELY NOT WORKING!!! I got my results and at 30 minutes insulin was 28.6/ 1 hour it was 70.6!!!!!!!! 2 hour it was 39.5 and finally at 4 hours it was back down to 5.1... my doc thought maybe since the metformin is supposed to work fast that it just overloaded me since my nervous system is so sensitive.. man i'm bummed about this. I was hoping for a quick fix!!! Oh well we'll see what happens. I just feel so crappy and want to feel better (like everyone else on here!!) What were other's insulin levels? My doc said my levels were extremely high.
  12. P.s. i'm taking 1/2 pill twice a day. not sure if I posted that.. my brain is a fog! I thought i'd rather do that than a whole one once a day...
  13. yeah i'm pretty down right now just bc I was hoping to at least feel THE SAME not WORSE.. but i'm trying to just get through the next couple of days. Still felt crappy today. Not sure if the BCP was contributing or not, but it's out the window now! lol I just get so frustrated with all of this!!! GRRRRRRR... thanks for posting it helps me vent..
  14. No, it's been a horrible day. But my husband called the on call doc and he said I SHOULD back the dose in half. I'm also stopping my birth control pill, which affects blood sugar. So i'm just praying it will level out here in the next couple of days before I lose my mind!!! thanks for the note
  15. I have been eating with the pill. I ate eggs, toast & milk for breakfast and an hour later it was 66. Just checked it again and it's up to 88 but i feel horrible. I called the nurse to see if maybe they just started off too strong bc I felt the same way last night. I will look into getting the machine. Thanks!
  16. I started Metformin last night. It seemed to make me feel worse. I know it will take a while to adjust but I feel more jittery and "revved up" and even cranky. They started me on 500mg, twice a day... could that be too much? I took it again just a few minutes ago, so we'll see what happens today...
  17. Hi, Mestinon was probably the WORST drug I tried, other than beta blockers that lowered my BP. I was so revved up I couldn't sleep!!!!
  18. Yeah it would be worth it!!! Yes I did have fasting insulin levels checked. I don't know for sure the details of the test yet. The nurse just said my insulin was too high. I will post when I get them in the mail. I did do a finger stick myself while I was there and an hour after drinking the sugar, my blood sugar was 188 which is high.. hope that helps
  19. Well the nurse just called and, sure enough, my glucose levels were fine but insulin was high!!!! my doc is starting me on Metforin twice a day!!!!! I know it sounds crazy to be so excited, but I just feel like maybe FINALLY after 2 years of searching, I may have found something to make me feel a little better. Thanks so much to Sandy who has been so faithful about sharing important information to all of us. GO GET THE GTT with INSULIN LEVELS TESTED!!! It migth be worth while!!!
  20. Just know that you are not the only one who has been treated this way. I'm sure that doesn't make you feel better but I know exactly what you went through. Been there SEVERAL times myself. I am praying that you feel better today! It's good to have others to talk to who know JUST what we are really going through and don't judge us as "crazy"... in my opinion, the docs are the "crazy" ones! haha take care..
  21. So are you feeling OK? The test will kinda make ya feel yucky. Hope it helps! BTW this is NOT a send off sort of test--so they probably have results by now. For sure I'd call and ask b4 the weekend. XOXOXOXO Sandy I felt REALLY CRAPPY afterward yesterday until I got something to eat. My husband took me out for mexican food and I really over ate and didn't eat the rest of the day! i'm feeling okay today, not great but not too bad. I have called them twice today but nothing so far, which makes me think there might not be anything wrong but i don't know for sure. Just trying not to get too worked up about it!!!
  22. Thanks for all the replies. I had the test done yesterday (yuck) but it's over and i'm just praying that they find SOMETHING!!!!
  23. I know exactly how you feel. I get the same way! Although i'm pretty convinced it's NOT anxiety.. I think its just adrenaline surges that our body produces. This is obviously just my theory. The reason I don't think it's anxitey for me is that I don't feel "panicked" or afraid that something "Bad" might happen. Just feel "revved up" I feel like I could go on for days.. in fact I had an episode of this and cleaned my entire house in an hour!!!! usually takes me a couple days to clean the whole house.. hang in there! you're not the only one dealing with this!!!! hope you feel better soon
  24. I'm all about getting a massage. I love them and think they really help me relax. Unfortunately for me, our budget won't allow for them too often. Wish insurance would pick it up
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