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  1. Thank you all so much for your replys these last few days. The information has been helpful and supportive to myself and my friends. The websites offered have been very helpful as well. Since we have a diagnosis now we are just beginning to get people on board with regards to their knowledge and the necessary flexibility and accommodations. Once I figure out what "PM me" means and how to do it I may take you up on your offers. I wish all of you a successful week. tamarackteacher "...in the end, only kindness matters..."
  2. IEP/504 Accommodations Hi, I am new to the forum and joined in order to support friends of mine that have a teenager with a recent diagnosis of POTS. We are looking for examples of IEP or 504 accommodations that have been helpful to students in their efforts to complete high school and move onto college. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated. Thank you. TTeacher
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