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  1. After reading of the miraclous effects of d-ribose on mitochondria, I decided to try it (I have POTS and Pandysautonomia, autoimmune disease, neuropathy, hyperandrenergic POTS, severe low blood volume, wacky high NE, low sodium, dehydration, gastroparesis w/malabsorption, severe tachycardia with loop monitor, untraceable D without huge rx supplementation, among a host of imbalances and cns issues now, and super severe fatigue, plus suspected mito for which i am to be evaluated). After a week, I am disappointed in that shortly after taking it, I feel like I am severely crashing and achey like I have the flu. It claims to improve energy, but i experience the opposite. I cannot get out of bed. It's kind of debilitating, although i have deteriorated as if I have some progressive form of POTS, but the d-ribose just put me over the top. I read it can cause hypoglycemia in diabetics. My fasting blood sugar has been running slightly high around 125, but diabetes runs on both sides of my family. A recent spinal tap showed high glucose on my csf - a pretty definite indication of diabetes. bummer! I don't like most foods since I got POTS and there just isnt much left i can eat. i cannot digest fats. Further, although I have severe daily tachycardia and an implanted loop monitor, i experienced a severe drop in all my vitals last night, and my pulse dropped 100 bpm to 25 but was hit 50 max for several hours. Ok, i feel bradycardic nowadays below 90. my bp also tanked and i stayed up all nite afraid to go to sleep, and considered going to the ER before my heart stopped. Right n0w, I am up to 78. I cannot get out of bed. I had such hopes (admittedly, I am at the point i am grasping at straws), for the d-ribose. Has anyone had any experience with D-ribose. it is supposed to have the opposite effect and give you energy. What about co-Q10? Thanks! Please reply.
  2. Mkoven this is off topic and directed to you. I finally checked my inbox and got a message u sent me so long ago u may have forgotten. I am the person u saw from another site that is a Prof in your vicinity. I wrote you a long reply, but got a message that your mailbox is full. So, please make some room for me, or contact me at Neshema1 at yahoo. I'm not doing well, and checking here sometimes is too much. But, I read some of your other posts, and sounds like we have both professional and health issues very much in common. I want to take you up on your interest in communicating. Hang in there! It's tough, I know...not what we planned. I hope to hear from you. Neshema
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