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  1. Many thanks for the welcome, I am still reading all the imformation amd posts and learning from you all. as i am mostly housebound, the internet and forums like this have saved my sanity!!! I am 40 years old and used to be a florist before this illness took over. I am seeing my consultant next month, so I will be going armed with loads of questions, thanks to this site. take care everyone. sally B
  2. Hello to everyone. I have been ill since 1999 with ME/CFS, and this week had a positive tilt table test and have been diagnosed with POTS. i have been reading all the imformation and posts, and the symptom list could of been wrote for me. The doctor has started me on a beta blocker called metoprolol 25mg a day and to increase it to two a day, which I tried and felt dreadful. Have many people on this forum have a diagnosis of ME/CFS as well. I feel as if I have been on a rollercoaster since this illness and have tried everything to get well again, so finding this site has been great, at least
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