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  1. I have tracked everything I eat, drink, and do the day/night prior to this, but there are no consistencies that I can find. Thank you for your suggestions, as neither of those tests have been done.
  2. Sorry Ernie, I'm trying to learn how to reply here! I'm not the most savy computer gal....Thank you for your reply. No other symptoms, no other medical problems, I don't faint at any other time. I've not had a tilt table test, no one had ever suggested it including docs at the Mayo clinic in Scottsdale where we went after local doctors had no idea. I have never even heard of it being available where I live, which is in Wyoming.
  3. I just found this forum, and hope someone can help. I've seen many doctors over 8 years who cannot figure out what my "episodes" are.... I've had about 8 - 10 of these total, sometimes weeks apart, sometimes years apart, but always exactly the same: Within the first hour after going to sleep, I awake with a profound wave of nausea and within 5 - 10 seconds I lose consciousness - whether I get up or stay in bed. (I used to get up to rush to the bathroom to vomit, but learned to just stay put - I don't hit the floor that way!!) After 30 - 60 seconds of unconcsiousness, I awake and vomit once
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