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  1. Hi all, After a long run of feeling not too bad, the bad came rolling on in. Since Friday I have a had a few episodes of adrenaline surges, tachycardia, the teeth chatters hit, running to the bathroom, etc. Outside of taking a bit more of beta blocker(I take 6.25mg 1x a day and when I have an episode I'll take another),,but taking just another bit when I have an episode leaves me so blah, tired, out of sorts,,just can't function, mental fatigue and muscular fatigue. Weather is no help either. The tachycardia is tough and long to ride out without the beta so I usually break down and take it. It's been off and on for a few days so it's starting to take it's toll mentally and physically. I'm starting to lose my rational part and I'm starting to think and worry all over the place. Anyone have any tips or tricks or comfort things that help you get through it? (the symptoms) BTW, anyone ever feel the surge as a heat sensation in your stomach and or(I'm afraid to even say it) the groin area and it spreads?
  2. Hi, I have sinus tachy, but I do have episodes where my heartrate goes up and stays up then slowly goes back down. They are not sure excactly what type of tachycardia it is, looks sinus but has features of psvt/
  3. Hi Nina, Late chiming in here also, but glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. I had a case like that years ago, coxsackie virus I believe, caught it from my niece,(its just one of those viral things you can catch) those sores were painful, nasty,, could not eat anything but jello and pudding for days. I had an rx prescribed for it and after a few days it started to go. I can sympathize,,,painful. Glad to hear you are on the way to recovery
  4. Dr. Moore, lovely Dr. from all the others I know who have seen her. I was seeing another dr. there for years until she retired and then I last saw a Dr. Phillips I think was her name, that was several years ago. They a dysautonmic center and can do many tests there, (and also if you bring recent tests, like echo/stress test etc, they may not have to repeat). That is where I finally received acknowledgement that what I was feeling was real, not all in my head and a ton of information for me to take back with me and a medication regime which really did help. I finally had a name for it and information about it. Unfortuntately for me it is over 11 hours away for me so I could not make the trip down there often, and it's been several years since my last visit, but if I ever have any questions, all I have to do is e-mail them and they will help me the best they can with answers. I never thought I would have to look to a place hours and hours away when I live in NY where you would think with all the hospitals etc, that someone would know something! Good luck!
  5. Wow that is great. Keep it up as long as you can, bet you will notice a postive feeling soon.
  6. I used to take shots too but had to give them up due to the beta blocker issue also. I take zyrtec, singulair, astelin and rhinacort. I use the neti pot and find that it does help to reduce the swelling in my sinuses. An air cleaner and my breathe right strips, without them I would not be able to sleep at night. Now I find it especially bad when the heat kicks in. Makes everything swell. Hope the sinus rinse helps.
  7. I had it very badly for a while, every part imaginable (and some not) was twitching. Went through various tests, negative. There is a condition, BFS, benign fasciulation syndrome. Some notice it started after virus, strenous exercise, so many different things. I notice it more when I am stressed, low in potassium/magnesium. Take comfort that if all tests are negative, that it is benign and common too.
  8. You are a great wealth of knowledge and support and I appreciate that. I hope you find some peace and that things turn around for the positive very soon.
  9. It is a horrible reminder that we can go back to where we started, even if only for a short time. I find many of my relapses are delayed responses. I can handle stress and be doing many many things, and coping well, and when it all ends, and things go back to my kind of normal for here, then I notice the symptoms start. Keep on chugging through, you'll get through this relapse too!!
  10. My daughter is now 11, 2 years ago she started to have pains in her chest. Pediatrician first thought it was reflux. It would come and go and it would hurt her out of the blue, and hurt when she would breathe in and out. She is very much into sports, plays soccer,softball, basketball and the like. The next diagnosis was exercise induced asthma since it seemed to come on mostly when she was doing sports, even gym in school. Finally we took her to the pediatric cardiologist to make sure and she pressed on the area where she said it hurt her mostly and with her description of the pain, she was diagnosed with costchondritis. She still gets it to this day, off and on. Takes advil. Best thing is to start slowly again and try to avoid things that aggravate it, easier said then done I know. Glad to hear that it was nothing more serious and tell him to take it easy for a while!
  11. When I say brain fog, I feel like I am disconnected, just not with it at the moment. I've had panic attacks and it's the same type of sense of just being "out of it" neither here nor there, does that make sense? I think there are so many different degrees/levels of dysautonomia and what may be one persons trigger may not be for another.
  12. Wow, 15 vials of blood ! I'm glad it was such a positive appointment in that everyone was accomodating, understanding and that they were able to get so much done for you. I hope this all with results, turns you in a positive direction.
  13. I'm pretty normal with my b/p, normal low to normal. My hr can be anywhere from 80-90 just sitting or standing. No rhyme or reason. I work, drive, etc., BUT there are certain things that can push me into episodes of tachy and sometimes low b/p, with teeth chattering, chills, shakiness, lightheaded etc., like heat, lack of fluids, to cold, to much of anything, like cleaning or walking, even eating. Then these can happen several times a day, for days and days. I have to be very careful to try to stay within some sort of balance with everything I do, everyday. I work p/t but I stand during those two hours. I'm usually o.k. during the winter but during the summer, when it's hot, (I'm outside during those two hours) I most always have episodes. I take most of my days off during the late spring and summer. There are times when it just happens, but I think that may be a build up from doing too much or not taking care of myself right. I have not been diagnosed with POTS but I have dysautonomia.
  14. I originally started with a 5mg pill of lexapro. I could not tolerate the side effects. I went off and when I was bold enough again to try, I tried the oral solution of lexapro. I started with 1mg of liquid and then went to 2.5 mg., which to this day I take. Some say it can't possibly have any effect on me, but I do know that after a weeks of taking it I started to have less adrenaline/tachy episodes. It's been over a year now and I still take the same dose without any side effect. I know that if things worsen I can increase my dose.
  15. Sorry to hear your not feeling well. Glad you got in and checked out right away though and hopefully you can prevent feeling any worse and will be back up and around soon. Hugs.
  16. Melissa, I don't know what to say as I wipe tears from eyes. My heart goes out to you and I visualize along with Tearose your recovery. You write with such strength and courage it is amazing. I pray this hospital visit is a turning point on the upside of getting the sepsis under control. Hugs to you!!!!!!
  17. Hi, Came across Zico in Whole Foods yesterday. They had a stand set up. Its 100% natural coconut water. Tried some and not bad, if it's cold. The gentleman from Zico and the pamphlet both state that coconut water has been used for thousands of years. During WWII it was used a a natural saline drip saving the lives of many allied soldiers. The WHO promotes it as a natural treatment for dehydrations, it builds blood volume, helps maximize heart output, improve endurance and so on..... Not to bore you all but wanted to share this. It also says it is high in potassium, more than a bananna and 15x more than sports drinks, low acidity. Not much in sodium though, 60 mg. No added sugar, 100% natural coconut water and there are ones flavored with natural mango flavor. You can check out their link at www.zico.com Not as much info on there as in their pamphlet though. Anyone else here of it? Just thought it was interesting and could be an alternative to some of us instead of gatorade all the time. It can be an acquired taste though. I'm giving it a try and will see how it goes.
  18. Glad to hear you are home and resting. Hoping that this the start of a much better New Year than last!
  19. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. Hope they can "fix it" right then and there and you'll be ringing in the New Year as a new person!! Please let us know!!!
  20. I either have plain oatmeal or I can have rice chex(plain) or Uncle Sam's cereal(it's grains/seeds)etc. I also can't eat for a good hour in the a.m. until my morning beta blocker kicks in.
  21. I had also tested deficient and after supplementation my blood work went back to normal.
  22. Hope you are feeling better today. Some type of SVT maybe. When I get a fast SVT,(which can last up to 45min for me ,though not at that high of a rate) it wipes me out completely for at least a day or two. All that adrenaline from the tachy I guess.
  23. Get the same thing also, for as far back as I can remember.
  24. I hope this all gets cleared up soon and while at home. I'm sending you well wishes and plenty of hugs.
  25. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I wish I had some insight to give but I don't. I don't know much about the correlation between dysautonomia and arrhythmia except that they do happen. Everything is unbalanced, why not the cardiac system too. Hope you are feeling better.
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