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  1. My dr. had did a saliva test on my adrenals..cortisol..on me a few years ago.... though I had a normal rhythm of up in the a.m. etc... I was low on the charts.. so based on that the report said I was borderline hypocortisolism. I started licorice.(yuck),,I also took an whole food supplement adrenal booster..(can't remember the name anymore), then took a powder adrenal booster-Dr. Wilson's Super Adrenal-. I'll have to look back in my records to see what else I took. I go through periods of being really tired,,constant yawning even with 8 or more hours of sleep, achy joints and muscles, brain fog..feel like I can't even muster enough energy to move from sitting.. it is like a crash. Crash and burnout to be exact and it can last for a while. Usually it comes on from not taking care of myself as well as I should.

    I'd like to hear what this Dr. suggests for you. Interesting to learn new things. Very nice she remembered you and took an interest. There really are good ones out there. :)

  2. So sorry that you have to be here, but glad you are on the forum. I'm also a fellow Long Islander. :blink:

    I am older than you but my symptoms started when I was about 24..gradually seemed to wax and wane and then peak in my 30's and still pretty much there in my 40's. After all these years I have not really had any diagnosis other than MVP and Dysautonomia. Mostly have been told over the years, anxiety or just "too sensitive" to my own adrenaline.

    Many of the same symptoms I can sympathize with and over time I've just found to either avoid as much as possible what brings on symptoms (we know we can't avoid everything) or I try to really do things at a less hectic pace, try to fluid load before doing something I know will put a strain on my symptoms etc. I have given up a lot along the way but now I try to get some of those things back, like going to the movies(the loud sounds can send me over the edge..lol)..enjoying the summer etc. all in small doses.

    Are you on any medications or have they suggested any to you or offered any type of suggestions?

  3. It snowed a nice bit here and my daughter wanted to meet her friends and go sledding. I've been feeling fairly well lately so I agreed and took her.

    One of her friends threw a snowball at me and I, unfortunately, ran down the hill and chased this kid to the bottom of the hill with some snow. As fun as that was for my daughter and friends to watch, what an idiot I was for doing that. I walked back up the hall and when I stopped I noticed how fast my heart was beating and how hard I was breathing. I sat in the car, my hands were shaking and had to take another 1/4 beta to try to slow it down. It worked after a about 30 min,,it started to slow, but boy have I had adrenaline swirling around my body all the rest of the afternoon, last night and today. Reflux kicked in to boot.

    It really bothers me that I can't do something as simple as that without potentially throwing myself into an episode and paying for it for days. So even thought my hr is ok with the beta I feel hyper, like my heart will race anytime, wired and tired.

    Arrgh, tried to have some fun with my daughter and paid the price. Guess from here on in it's sitting in the car and watching..boo. ;) This stinks!!!

    You start to miss all the simple things you took for granted before. :(

  4. I use xylitol gum also. Some trident flavors use xylitol, you have to check the labels. I've not had any problems with products that use stevia as a sweetner and like the earlier post suggested, Whole Foods is a good choice since they carry such a wide variety of brands/products.

    My Dr. has me using some powder supplements and they use stevia as a sweetner, I drink a glass of the powders mixed in the a.m. One is for greens and the other is a protein and one other is red supplements(berries, etc.) I do find I have energy after drinking it. I've been using two of the powders for 2 yrs and the other on I just started. I acutally like the taste.

    If I remember correctly Whole Foods carries a brand of flavored water that is naturally flavored, no sugars or artificial sweetner. Just can't remember the name now.

    It takes a lot of looking at labels, but that would be the place I would start.

  5. A non-med alternative for you might be mangesium citrate(powder). Regular magnesium may do it, usually when you take magnesium they say to take it to bowel tolerance. I take magnesium because I have low magnesium, but certain types are not so well absorbed so they go to your bowel and can produce loose bowels. I take oral mag(taurate-it's better absorbed) but I also take a mag product called Natural Calm. It's a powder that you mix in hot/warm water, it fizzes and you drink it. I, 99% of the time have a movement the next a.m.(after taking it at night).

    My mom has issues with constipation and when she started to take it it helped her. You can follow the directions and work up to bowel tolerance.

    Just a thought.

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