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  1. I should add that my heart rate is almost always on the low side of normal like 60 and is only slightly elevated when I have the most severe symptoms. I can feel terrible pulse and pounding heart and my HR can be 75. I have had a few episodes of HR over 100 that have been really bad but luckily they haven't happened too often.
  2. Thank you "Pistol" so much and thank you for the great information! I am so glad I found your site and I really appreciate your feedback on this! I think that's a very good idea. I will definitely get a blood pressure monitor and check when I am having symptoms. I have been to 2 cardiologist and have worn the halter once for a week and then for 30 days, a few months ago had a cardiac MRI and went to a cardiologist EP who determined my symptoms are not caused from arrhythmia. I do have a Left Branch Bundle Block which they don't know the cause of but I have-not have a heart attack or any other cardiac event. My ejection fraction was 52% but otherwise cardiologist thought my results were good. I did the mold urine test and it came back positive and my functional medicine doc thinks mold is the cause of the symptoms but lacking any other symptoms typically associated with mold and I moved out of the house with water damage in November, I want to keep looking into possible causes. My symptoms are somewhat debilitating and very uncomfortable. Anyway, I've had these symptoms for a long time now so am very grateful to have some direction to follow. I think knowing if I have high or low blood pressure will help me rule at least one of them out. Thanks again for great information and your feedback!
  3. Jwarrior77, I have exactly what you are describing and have had that for about 9 months. It started as a pounding heart waking me up at night and progressed to where it is nearly constant pulse feeling throughout my body it is worse sometimes but doesn't seem to ever stop entirely. I go some days where I don't notice it much but it always makes falling asleep difficult. My doctor thinks it's from toxic mold exposure or possibly a post viral thing. I also feel like my heart is beating extra hard and is sometimes tired from the extra effort. I have not found anything other than clonazopam that helps at all. I also feel this worse after eating certain foods though it also sometime seems very random. I was searching online and found this site which seems to be the only info at all online about these issues. Please share anything that is working but I am going to try the anti histamines again and hope to have some success with them. Good luck.
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