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  1. I was on 20mg propranolol (10mg morning, 10mg night) for two weeks. I wanted to try it because my old beta blocker doesn't do much. But instead of making things better the propranolol made my pots worse, so today I had to switch back again to my old beta blocker (Bisoprolol /Concor) 2.5 mg that I am on for two years. I'll call an endocrinologist tomorrow and make an appointment to check my blood hormonal levels, I hope they show something. I'll update my post with the results when they're done. Thanks again for the info and support!
  2. Thank you both very much for the replies! Yes I suspect it's more of a hormonal problem, and I suspect I am in adrenal crash from a long time. My doctor prescribed me propranolol for the dysautonomia and remeron for sleep, but I am getting worse, pots is worse, remeron stopped working. If I do get to sleep I always wake up after a few hours not only unrefreshed, but also in fight or flight mode every day. I don't have sleep apnea so I am still wondering what triggers the stress response while I sleep. I am also 100% sure this exhausted my adrenals, because I have all the symptoms and I have re
  3. Hi there, I'm 36 yo and have vascular ehlers danlos syndrome. I have a question that is bothering me for many years: why most of my dysautonomia symptoms, including pots and the severe fatigue miraculously disappear at night time? Can anyone relate?
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