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  1. I have seen a Chiropractor 3 time now, he uses a spinal manipulation tool and about 2 hours later most of my symptoms are gone. I am a daily wheelchair user , I may get to walk 5-10 steps at a time on a good day. As noted above, most of symptoms are relived for a couple days after manipulating just my upper back and traps, we have not touched the neck area . I can walk , cook , do laundry and clean for most of the day. At the end of the second day I end up back wheelchair bound again. My chiropractor is confused of why? I do have bulging disc c3- c7 with herniation on c6–C7, two Neurosurgeons have stated it would not be causing any of my pots symptoms. So I am confused to what may be happening, really quite frustrating, knowing their is a fix and can not be obtained for more than a day and know doctors know why.
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