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  1. Just recently started exercising again and I noticed that I have a much harder time breaking a sweat now. So I get the pins and needles / itching feeling for about the first minute while my body warms up but once I adjust the feeling goes away. Exercising regularly seems to have decreased symptoms. But today as I was walking in 86 degree weather, it was extremely hard to tolerate it. I may have some issue sweating now which causes my body to overheat. What kind of specialty doctor should I go to for this issue?
  2. @Pistol Yeah I have, it was one of the first things I started taking. I'm not sure if it helps that much to be honest.
  3. Just wanted to add that I've been taking vitamin B supplements and regularly applying lotion to relieve the itching however it hasn't been working.
  4. Hey guys, So I consider myself a relatively healthy 22 year old but recently around November I've started feeling this incredibly annoying pins and needles which turns into itching feeling across my spine, which usually goes into my arms, hands and feet. At first, I thought this was from smoking nicotine so I quit that however the symptoms persisted. It was incredibly bad when I went to workout and I drank a bang energy drink (which I normally do) and my whole body was just consumed by the pins and needles feeling and I wasn't able to properly function for an hour. Since then, I haven't been able to exercise. I noticed that I feel like this whenever I get too hot, nervous, anxious or when I'm about to sweat. A remedy that I've been able to find was smoking marijuana, which inhibits those feelings for a while. It's also incredibly bad whenever I engage in sexual intercourse, (I know this might be too much information) but when I'm about to ejaculate my entire legs, lower back, buttocks and feet are just overwhelmed with the itchy feeling. I recently went to the doctor and I did the usual check-up blood tests and nothing seemed abnormal. After scooping around on the internet I do believe that I suffer from an overactive sympathic nervous system. I've just recently changed my insurance to a PPO so that I'd be able to go to a neurologist. Has anyone else felt like this? Is there anyway to feel normal again? I just want to live the life I had prior and the symptoms really lower my quality of life.
  5. @KiminOrlando Thank you for your response! How has the medication been for you? I do believe I'm also experiencing an over reaction from my sympathic nervous system.
  6. Hey guys, I just recently developed this exact issue as well. I'm a relatively healthy 22 year old so I never thought something like this could happen to me. I feel a horribly pins and needles sensation and itching sensation whenever I'm about to sweat / am in the sun for too long / or am anxious. I noticed that smoking weed makes all of the symptoms subside for the duration of the high however this isn't a very healthy coping mechanism. I'm not sure how to cure this or at least treat it other than that.
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