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  1. Decrease in pressure causes headaches apparently
  2. Improving our home is smart way to deal with the boredom and loneliness. I suggest repainting to happier colors or adding indoor plants.
  3. I will check on their FB page and follow. Thanks for sharing!
  4. I really hope you won't wait that long. Appointments are difficult and frustrating right now.
  5. It's really hard to book an appointment now that there's COVID. I wonder how long this will keep on going.
  6. 5 minutes is fine or until your body is calm enough.
  7. Follow all health protocols, proper hygiene. stay home as much as possible, and stay away from social media as they tend to cause further (unnecessary) anxiety.
  8. Never experienced severe symptoms. Maybe it has something to do with the temp?
  9. My dream holiday would be in Fiji or Hawaii, at the beach, just relaxing, watching the sunset, then waiting for sunrise.
  10. I should have been here earlier. I miss this song. It's so nice to see a family sing together.
  11. Snorri looks like my dog Oreo. You mind me askin, why Snorri?
  12. I couldn't imagine doing that. You're so very talented. Bless you!
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