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  1. Yeah- he's actually been on reflux meds. his entire life (since 1 years old anyway). He's had many scopes, ph studies throughout the years. At some points, there was evidence of reflux at other times it looked perfect. They have taken him off 2 times. The GI at Mayo Clinic does not think it's reflux which is interesting. The previous GI also feel this way. So we just took him off again in May 2020. They scoped him the day after an episode in January 2020- esophagus and lungs- just wondering what it looked like in there- and it was perfect. No signs of irritation or inflamation. So weird. It s
  2. Thanks for your comments and thoughts. He has gone through allergy texting at a few times in his life and is allergic to absolutely nothing. Although, when he has his episodes it looks almost like anaphylaxis and Recemic Epi does tend to open him up. He's also had a sleep study and other than being wiggly- it's normal. They did the Tilt Table test to diagnose the POTS at Mayo Clinic- his heart rate jumped from 60 to 104 when being tilted at 70 degrees- so met that criteria. It answered the questions of why when he stands up his legs and arms get discolored and the occasional fainting, dizzines
  3. I'm a new member on this forum and I can not tell you all how grateful I am to have found this thread. I'm a mom of a really great 16 year old boy- I love this kid! But, he's gone through a lot in his life that was never understood but began at 10 weeks old. His first year of life, we were in the ER about 1 time a month with "severe croup." I have 3 kids and my others had croup too, but nothing like his. We often dealt with his airway closing and when he was 8 y/o we had 2 calls to 911 as he was turning blue. This happened again with needing to call 911 again in 7th grade (he lost consciousnes
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