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  1. I'll look up and see if there's any hope in other people's stories, thank you. I had previously seen a POTS specialist years ago, and am currently trying to get a new appointment with them for further advice. As for treatments: - Midodrine, Fludrocortisone, Vitamin D and iron supplements, all with little effect - Sugar-free diet with lots of water and salt, it's fairly well-rounded - Regular exercise - walks every other day, small workouts most days of the week
  2. Hi, I've been searching the web for some kind of POTS forum to chat with other people and this is the only place I could find, I hope it's okay for me to talk about things here. I'm just at a loss with what to do. This condition stops me from being able to work even part time, I have no physical friends nor any prospects of a romantic relationship because how the heck am I supposed to get out and meet new people... Certainly in the town I live. How do you actually stay positive for the future? I don't want to live a life as a lonely single man but I'm not getting any younger. And I don't want to live off benefits without any fulfilling job but I have no useable skills for work. I don't understand it, what the f do you people do to keep going? I'm sure a therapist would help but again, no money. I'm not sure why I'm ranting here, I guess I just need to vent and hope that someone somewhere with an idea of what I'm going through will understand. I've been fighting against this thing for several years and now I'm in my mid twenties, with everything just as it was before, nothing's changed for the better, the future is just as bleak. " What have You found to help with feelings of depression? "
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