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  1. Thank you all for your responses. Though I'm not happy that anyone deals with this issue, I'm glad to not be alone. It suddenly came about and it is a bit scary. I didn't even notice this until well after the episode, so I was taken aback for sure. A few days ago I did have an episode that was very noticable. My right foot this time, center toe went completely numb and blanched. I massaged my foot and toe for a while (maybe 4 or 5 minutes) until I got some sensation back. I then started walking around with an exaggerated gait to get all the feeling back. When it finally returned,
  2. I get these episodes at times too. I did a little research (not WebMD and cancer search) and found that it fit more with sleep paralysis than anything else. There are three types that people can experience, one of them being the falling/suffocating sensation that you may be experiencing. If you found it difficult or not possible to open your eyes or move, you are probably experiencing sleep paralysis from time to time. I don't know if it has anything to do with dysautonomia or if it is related to any other condition associated with dysautonomia. The unfortunate part about it is that
  3. Thank you so much for the information! I'm working towards finding a podiatrist because I did see a dermatologist that didn't think anything of my feet. Granted, there were no chilblains at the time but everything else was present. I hope that your daughter is doing well! Thanks again for the response. Take care of you!
  4. Hello, there to all! I hope that this message finds each of you well and safe. I know this topic has been posted before but it has been a little while so I thought I'd ask again. I recently noticed some red spots (about three, various sizes) on my second toe that were kind of tender but not exactly. I initially thought that either I smashed it and did not recall the event or it was a insect/arachnid bite of some sort. I decided to give it a couple days to see if it would heal. I'm not diabetic so that's not an issue in regards to healing. Anyhoo, making a long story longer.... I
  5. Hello, all! Thank you for the replies and the feedback and thanks to the OP for posting this topic. Here's a quick update. The cardiology appointment went much better than I expected and it even offered a little hope. The cardiologist was attentive and concerned... better yet, he wasn't interested in being over zealous in changing things up just yet. He's scheduled an ECHO and I will be placed on a Holter monitor for two weeks for observation. He hasn't offered an empty promises but he did say, "We have better beta blockers available than what you are currently taking and I really wa
  6. Hey, there. I also have a severe reaction to fluoroquinolones as well as Macrobid. I've not been on steroids in a long, long time but it does have some CNS effects you may want to check out. Then again, I'm also really sensitive to medication as well, so it could very well be a flare. I hope you find some answers! Take care!
  7. Hello, there, I've been going through something very similar. I hope that you don't mind that I share. At any rate, I also went to the hospital recently because I couldn't get my heart rate under control. I take propranolol 10mg TID to help with the tachycardia, tremors, etc. Lately, though, I've noticed that I've had a lot of break through symptoms with (of course) accelerated heart rate with standing within seconds and then my BP will shoot up. I know I have had anxiety in anticipation of the symptoms because inevitably when it happens, I get this serious sense of impending d
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