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  1. Hi. Thank you for the interesting info. I will have a look again on this version. But as far as I know Mast cell people have always hives or rashes/flushing and this is common symptoms for all of them? Also they badly react to the beta blockers, which is I am not. So because of this I kind of ruled it out myself. Do you have hives/rashes/flushing and bad reaction to beta blockers as well?
  2. Thank you, but the thing is, that my dyastolic blood pressure is OK during the day, when I am walking, doing domestic chores or sitting, relaxing (near 75). Its only high after the sleep and after the exercices (95-100).So 2 questions here. 1.Why do you think it's happening guys? 2. If I drink diltiazem or other medicine it will drop my dyastolic only during and after exercices/sleep or its also drop it when it's normal during the day, because its seems like I need to drop it only when I sleep and exercicing? Thanks
  3. High dyastolic blood pressure stays after exercice or sleep. Even though I take a beta-blocker. I always have high dyastolic blood pressure after exercice or sleep When I wake up I often have my dyastolic 95. Also after the exercices dyastolic stays 95-101 and doesn't go lower for many hours. But systolic is normal, = 120-125.
  4. Thanks guys. Looks like not too many of us who has such a crazy hypersensitivity as I have when watching such kind of movies. But yes, true, I am just watching, but reacting as if I am taking part in it.
  5. The question for hyper potsies, who can run sometimes. Which blood pressure drug helps you to keep your blood pressure and heart rate in normal ranges when you do running/jogging? What is the dosage? And what time before the run start? I take 2,5 mg of bisoprolol 2 hours before the run and doesn't seem to help much. After the light run or sometimes even jogging have to relax for around 3 hours (sometimes more) until the blood pressure and heart rate are back to normal.
  6. Does anyone else has high blood pressure/palpitation symptoms after watching the horror /gory movies. Obviously its doesn't start immediately after the first scary/bloody scene, but as I see more and more it builts up and then I suddenly have all of this horrible symptoms and I have to stop watching it and then relax for 1 or 2 hours until my nervous system will calm down.
  7. Before I tell you about my alcohol and coffeine symptoms, few things you need to know about me is: 1) I don't have any diagnose yet (because its difficult to get one) 2) but I think I have hyper POTS for 16 years (high blood pressure, tachycardia, sweating, cold hands/ears (sometimes), overstimulation state, sleeping disturbances, tremor and sometimes more. Symptoms triggers: exercices, heat, undersleeping, coffee, alcohol, stress, computer(long time) , horror/gory movies. ***************** I didn't drink the alcohol or coffee for a long time obviously, but still perfectly rem
  8. One more question. I didn't find anything in the Internet on how orthostatic hypertension diagnosed. It says it's increase of the blood pressure by 20 upon standing, but doesn't say from which position. Is it from lying to standing, or from sitting to standing. Because its seems like I have significant increase from lying to standing, and only small from sitting to standing
  9. Thanks Pistol. It could be that I have both of them. Will try to call to GP again and beg again for the TTT referral.
  10. I just thought that it's not necessarily may be hyper pots, but orthostatic hypertension maybe as well. Or both. I have just measured it again today: Lying: 110/65 Standing: 141/90 And its on a beta-blocker So definitely have to go to the GP and see what is going on, but unfortunately it's impossible during covid.
  11. Thank you. Your symptoms are very different to mine, since I never fainted in my life and very rarely had low blood pressure. I do have problems with concentration and fatique as well. During my life I had maybe 30 or 40 different dysautonomia symptoms and some of them were very rare and weird, so weird that people were laughing when I was mentioning about them and they thought that I am joking. I am almost always overstimulated when I am walking or watching movies/thinking too much, mental and physical exercices (so maybe high adrenalin/noradrenalin) also it seems like I probably have
  12. Hi, Thanks for the info. And, I didn't say that Dr Gupta is not lovely I just mentioned that it's expensive for me.
  13. May I ask you 2 questions? 1) Did you ever find underlying cause of your POTS or suspect what it could be? 2) What symptom makes you disabled when you try to stand up and walk? Is it high blood pressure and heart rate/dyziness/fainting? I was also bedridden for a few days last year, on two different occasions, because of the high blood pressure and heart rate I couldn't walk. Its all started when I tried to run without preparation. Second occasion was when I woke up and was feeling unwell and started to walk. I believe I always had mild symptoms of POTS. But from the age
  14. I would pay if there was a guarantee that they can help me. But with rare diseases you never have one. So I would say no, until this disease will affect my life really seriously and I will not be able to work. For 16 years (now I am 32) I was managing this disease quite well on my own. Last two or three years I have noticed the progression of the symptoms so now I am on a beta-blocker so it's still OK. There are bad days, but even when they come I can still work and do all of the daily activities, domestic chores (except exercices), so I would stay away from paid options at the moment. But I w
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