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  1. "My daughter has to take a non-selective beta blocker, versus the cardiac selective ones. She needs it to cross the blood-brain barrier. " ..... Hi. Which exactly beta blocker she is taking? Metoprolol, methyldopa?
  2. My problem is that my nervous systems becomes weaker and weaker every year. I remember myself 10 years ago when I could watch without any problems sensitive/heartbreaking images or videos that pops up on Facebook for example about blood, amputation, ugly diseases and staffs like that. But now even from watching this content for a few seconds my blood pressure goes high, my breathing gets worse, my muscle start twitching, hands tremors appear, cold or sweat hands... and I feel like if I watch it longer I may even die. I also cannot watch the horror movies because of that. Even a few minutes make me symptomatic. And it's all gets worse with time. The only thing that helps is to quickly look away, distract myself and try to forget it. Any stress is very dangerous for me. What's going on with me? Anyone else has something similar? How I can cure this? What kind of disease is that can be? Treatment?
  3. This is the most annoying and most of the days, only one symptom that has left. I cannot combat it for 3 years now. It comes and goes. There are some days when I don't have it, probably because I manage to distract myself in those days or because I have another symptom on that day so my body is busy and trying to cope with that one. ... So it is really difficult to explain but most of the time this symptom show up when I have mental fatique, stress, when I undersleep or when it's hot day/place. ... Now I will try to explain it more clear: it's the feeling of inefficient breathing (breathing is slow, I never gasping for the air but just uncomfortable) it seems like the nerve impulses from the brain are too slowly reaching my respiratory muscles or organs, thereby not telling them to do its job right (and the signal is worse on bad days) ... And again undersleeping or mental fatique makes it worse. Also after it starts, it becomes difficult not to focus on this symptom, so I think because I am starting to focus on it, the symptom also worsen. Sometimes it's difficult to say what comes first, - breathing isssue or mental fatique/concentration issue ... Also after one or two hour of this struggling to come back to normal feeling, another symptom may show up, - tightness around ribcage or if its really bad, - swallowing difficulty and throat tightness (but this are rare) ... So is anyone else has this feeling that body doesn't want to breath efficiently on its own, so you have to help your body a little bit and add some manual breathing on top of your natural breathing and its makes your symptom even worse? It seems like the only thing that helps sometimes is mental tasks
  4. Hi. I am asking because ginkgo gives me the headache, but hopefully its not because of the interaction. I read that one of the ginkgo side effects is head ache, that may go away after some time. I have only started taking it.
  5. Hi. There are many of those of us who have all or many Multiple sclerosis symptoms. Also it's a known fact that many POTS/dysautonomia patients later get diagnosed with MS. Also it's a known fact that MS is very difficult to diagnose and white lesions are not always show up on the scans or they may show up when you very symptomatic only. So I wonder how many of us here have all or many MS symptoms and if you also think that you may have mild MS that is difficult to diagnose?
  6. I just wonder if my blood pressure or heart rate not significantly falling or raising during change of the position (lying/sitting/standing) then I don't have hyper POTS? Or this is not the main factor? I have exercice intolerance which is reflects in high dyastolic (and sometimes systolic if I overdo) blood pressure and heart rate and breathing problem. Also I get sometimes dizzy when I walk fast (but not because of the blood pressure or heart rate), dizziness is rather neurological. Also when I am panicking too much or worried I may have ice cold hands and feets, hands tremor, muscle twitches, as well as high blood pressure. Also I often get overwhelmed or overstimulated in busy environments/shops/works. But the main symptom is exercice intolerance and breathing problem sometimes which becomes worse on exertion (physical or mental) or when it's hot, or when I am excited about something, or when I am too tired. I had this symptoms for 16 years (after I got concussion). I think I may have some blood circulation problems or neurotransmitter imbalances, but not too many tests been done during my life (only head MRI, ECG, and some blood tests, but no catecholamine tests). I think it will also be good to finally check my neck as well, since I had some neck injuries when I was a kid. ***** Anyways do you think I may still be diagnosed with POTS, and it worth to go and do tilt table test and urine/plasma catecholamine tests? Or in my case (since I don't have serious symptoms when changing positions) it is no need to do this kind of tests because I may not have POTS but I may have another type of the dysautonomia? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I started to take supplement that contains lion's mane, pine bark extract, 5HTP, l theanine and l tyrosine. On first day, when I woke up in the morning I have taken the bloody snot out of my nose. And then on a second day when I woke up I found the bloody spots on my pillow. I had nose bleeds before but its a rare symptom, that may happen once or twice per year for me. So definitely see the relation. Has this happened tp anyone else?
  8. Hi. Thank you for the interesting info. I will have a look again on this version. But as far as I know Mast cell people have always hives or rashes/flushing and this is common symptoms for all of them? Also they badly react to the beta blockers, which is I am not. So because of this I kind of ruled it out myself. Do you have hives/rashes/flushing and bad reaction to beta blockers as well?
  9. Thank you, but the thing is, that my dyastolic blood pressure is OK during the day, when I am walking, doing domestic chores or sitting, relaxing (near 75). Its only high after the sleep and after the exercices (95-100).So 2 questions here. 1.Why do you think it's happening guys? 2. If I drink diltiazem or other medicine it will drop my dyastolic only during and after exercices/sleep or its also drop it when it's normal during the day, because its seems like I need to drop it only when I sleep and exercicing? Thanks
  10. High dyastolic blood pressure stays after exercice or sleep. Even though I take a beta-blocker. I always have high dyastolic blood pressure after exercice or sleep When I wake up I often have my dyastolic 95. Also after the exercices dyastolic stays 95-101 and doesn't go lower for many hours. But systolic is normal, = 120-125.
  11. Thanks guys. Looks like not too many of us who has such a crazy hypersensitivity as I have when watching such kind of movies. But yes, true, I am just watching, but reacting as if I am taking part in it.
  12. The question for hyper potsies, who can run sometimes. Which blood pressure drug helps you to keep your blood pressure and heart rate in normal ranges when you do running/jogging? What is the dosage? And what time before the run start? I take 2,5 mg of bisoprolol 2 hours before the run and doesn't seem to help much. After the light run or sometimes even jogging have to relax for around 3 hours (sometimes more) until the blood pressure and heart rate are back to normal.
  13. Does anyone else has high blood pressure/palpitation symptoms after watching the horror /gory movies. Obviously its doesn't start immediately after the first scary/bloody scene, but as I see more and more it builts up and then I suddenly have all of this horrible symptoms and I have to stop watching it and then relax for 1 or 2 hours until my nervous system will calm down.
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