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  1. Hi all, Wow, thanks so much all for your kind and thoughtful replies! Yes, I guess this isn't what my dad has - it isn't worse when standing up. Thank you especially Pistol, what you are describing with your husband sounds like the case for my dad! And yes, he does take a beta blocker (but I think sometimes it still happens) -- he has a lot of PTSD as well from other things, and I guess it's hard to tell when the racing heart is from anxiety and when it's an episode. Thanks for these helpful articles as well, I'm glad to learn more, maybe it will help othres at some point. Merci!
  2. Hi all, Thank you all so much for this website. I’m trying to see if I can get a better understanding of what happened to my dad, to help him as he feels really confused and depressed. My dad is in his 60s, and a couple of years ago when he went skiing at a very high altitude in Utah. There On the top of the mountain, on the top of the mountain, he got a very fast heart rate, and ever since then sometimes his heart rate goes very fast in a way that’s terrifying for him. It might be once a week or so. He’s now on beta blockers so that his heart rate can’t go so fast. He’s been to a
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