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  1. My GI doctor prescribes Dexilant for my acid reflux and it’s the only med that controls it. Without it, I can’t drink water or eat anything without getting bad heartburn. I also have a bad GERD cough.
  2. I get very dizzy when riding as a passenger in a car on the highway, especially if I look at cars moving the other direction and even cars on my side. It’s worst if I haven’t been on the highway, driving fast for weeks. At first, I took a non drowsy Dramamine and that mostly solved the problem. I also asked the driver not to keep speeding up and slowing down...that made me feel about to faint! I found out I was having proprioceptive problems - where your eyes and ears are giving different info to your brain about where you are. The exercises I do to combat this problem include 1) Looking to a spot about 3 feet in front of me. Then move my eyes (keep head still) to a specific spot on the left, and then to a specific dot on the right. Work up to 20 times. 2) Now, moving your head, look to the left dot and then move your head to the right dot. Work up to a fast pace and 20 times. I do #1 and #2 sitting down. 3) I walk in a straight line forward through the house. I repeat until I’m either dizzy or getting good. 4) I do the same, but walking backward. 5) I stand on my left foot for 30 seconds. 6) Then I do it with my right foot. I hope this helps someone! This is my first post.
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