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  1. My GI doctor prescribes Dexilant for my acid reflux and it’s the only med that controls it. Without it, I can’t drink water or eat anything without getting bad heartburn. I also have a bad GERD cough.
  2. I get very dizzy when riding as a passenger in a car on the highway, especially if I look at cars moving the other direction and even cars on my side. It’s worst if I haven’t been on the highway, driving fast for weeks. At first, I took a non drowsy Dramamine and that mostly solved the problem. I also asked the driver not to keep speeding up and slowing down...that made me feel about to faint! I found out I was having proprioceptive problems - where your eyes and ears are giving different info to your brain about where you are. The exercises I do to combat this problem include 1) Looking
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