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  1. Hey everyone, I was finally diagnosed with dyautonomia yesterday! Im excited after 14 years of struggling and docs calling me crazy but i didnt give up and i finally got an answer. I still have a couple tests to do to pinpoint which kind inparticular. I just had some questions. First, i have really bad brain fog and my eyes are really effected. My dizziness has increased. I have poor balance which is not only from dyautonomia but from severe scoliosis too. When i walk it feels like everything is rocking back and forth and it makes me unsteady and dizzy. This is a constant all da
  2. Hello. My name is Shelby and whatever I have Ive been dealing with for 11 yrs. For the first 9, all my docs just diagnosed me with anxiety and IBS but 2 yrs ago I started seeing docs again. All my symptoms fit POTS to a T. My heartrate doubles upon standing. Sometimes ill have spikes in my BP but usually it remains the same. When i lay down i go the opposite and drop into bradycardia. My bpm goes as low as 45-50 and even dropped to 35 on my heart monitor while sleeping. Upon standing i also get pooling in my feet. Ive had all the cardiologist tests done but the tilt table but my doc did the "p
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